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OS Watch: Will Nokia Embrace WP7?

It's been a trying week for Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) as it faces the handset delays it just promised it wouldn't, and for its operating system, Symbian Ltd. , which got passed by Android in global volumes for the first time in 10 years. (See Android Dethrones Symbian Globally and Nokia's Flagship E7 Delayed in the UK?)

The problems have Berenberg Bank Analyst Adnaan Ahmad calling for Nokia's new CEO, Steven Elop, to make some big changes. First and foremost, to kill MeeGo, its other OS and what he called "the biggest joke in the tech industry right now" and adopt Windows Phone 7 instead.

It appears Nokia could be ready to accept that carefully worded advice. Elop said on Nokia's fourth-quarter earnings that Nokia "must build, catalyze or join a competitive ecosystem," hinting that a shakeup is near. Shares in the company have even improved over the past few days as the rumors that it would adopt Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT)'s OS have gained traction. (See Elop Promises Nokia Will Change Faster.)

Nokia is holding an Investors Day in London next Friday, ahead of Mobile World Congress, at which time Elop is expected to outline Nokia's recovery plan. Chances are, WP7 or Android will be the stars of the event.

  • Frag Watch: Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) unleashed more details about its tablet-centric Honeycomb OS update Wednesday, but it did little to allay fears of further fragmentation -- an issue that came up frequently during the Q&A session. With many different form factors planned for tablets, developers will see the same fragmentation issues here as they did on smartphones. That's especially true because Honeycomb brings new features like 3-D graphics with it that older OSs can't support. (See Honeycomb Makes Things Sticky for iPad.)
  • PlayBook talks Business: BlackBerry 's PlayBook tablet has been criticized for requiring a BlackBerry smartphone to access the 3G network and other important features like e-mail. The handset maker put out a video (below) to show why the pairing is so important for corporate security -- RIM's bread and butter:

  • Releases & Rumors: This week was witness to a lot of release dates and pricing being announced or at least getting leaked. Here's what we know, and some of what we think:

    • Best Buy says the HTC Thunderbolt will have a Valentine's Day debut and the Moto Xoom tablet will follow a week later on Feb. 24, later than anticipated. This teaser ad suggests we'll be learning much more about Xoom on Super Bowl Sunday:

    • AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) confirmed that the Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) Atrix will be open for orders on Feb. 13 for $199 on contract or for $499 paired with the Laptop Dock. The Dock alone will also cost $499.
    • AT&T also said that its mobile hotspot app, available for select phones -- excluding the iPhone -- will go on sale in stores on Feb. 13 (the same time as the $99 High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) (Taiwan: 2498) Inspire) and support 4GB for $45 per month on the AT&T Data Pro plan. (See AT&T Offers HTC Inspire 4G for $99.)
    • The Boy Genius Report blog suggests that the HTC Desire 2 for Vodafone Germany will get a MWC unveiling.

  • Verizon Breaks Sales Records: Verizon had its best sales morning ever when it began offering pre-orders for the CDMA iPhone early Thursday. It achieved that milestone -- but what that number is we don't know -- in just two hours after the 3 a.m. EST opening time. Of course, AT&T achieved the same record when it began selling Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL)'s wonder phone, but the difference is that Verizon was just selling to its existing customers. (See Verizon Sells Out iPhone Pre-Orders, Throttles 3G, Verizon Rivals Play iPhone Defense and Are You Getting a Verizon iPhone?.)

    — Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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