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CES 2011: Microsoft... That's It?

5:00 AM -- LAS VEGAS -- 2011 International CES -- Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer was as enthusiastic as ever in his International CES keynote address, but his chat left mobile fans feeling less than excited.

Maybe gamers rejoiced as Ballmer touted the tremendous success of both its XBox and Kinect gaming consoles, but there was little said about how Windows Phone 7 would compete in a crowded, Android-dominated market.

Ballmer did offer a few stats, albeit no new WP7 sales numbers. He said there have been nine phones launched with 60 mobile operators in 30 countries. The devices have over 5,500 apps to choose from and add new ones at a rate of 100 per day. He also said that more than half of its users are downloading a new app every day, and 20,000 developers are keeping the shelves stocked. (See Microsoft Sells 1.5M WP7 Phones.)

The momentum is certainly notable, but I had hoped to hear more about how Microsoft would keep it going or perhaps get a sneak peek at WP8. Ballmer did promise continuous updates, but in today's market, adding copy-paste doesn't cut it. (See OS Watch: Samsung, King of Androids.)

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Reporter, Light Reading Mobile

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