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Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming?

The next update of Google's Android mobile operating is likely to be "deadly dull" and vitally important, according to analyst Richard Windsor. Windsor -- in one of his regular Radio Free Mobile bulletins -- speculates that the "Key Lime Pie" Android 5.0 update will try and scoop up more share in the low-end of the smartphone market. This will likely involve decoupling the hardware requirements baked into Android 4.0 so that cheaper platforms can be used for the operating system. "The [4.0] software requires at least dual core hardware and around 1GB of RAM to run properly which remains way above many low-end specifications today," Windsor notes. By focusing on getting into more low-end devices, Google could increase its addressable mobile market by 60 percent or more, Windsor estimates. It's clear Google is very interested in getting low-cost Internet access -- and, by extension, devices -- to under-served parts of the globe through efforts such as Project Loon. The benefit to Google of this kind of work is that it should eventually derive additional ad-serving revenue. A dash to the low-end could also be good news for some of the Android smartphone vendors. In particular, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and ZTE Corp. might find a low-cost, low-end Android OS helps them shift more handsets in places where a smartphone costing between US$200 and $600 is a complete non-starter. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

Kristina Salvitti 7/20/2013 | 5:03:18 PM
re: Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming? I left a message/ reply..a couple days ago. A forced systems upgrade on my droid that was new broke it basically. Not only does it run slow as well as typing. It wiped my SD and now says its not even there. Can't get through to Verizon. Don't trust they're techs in the store. They couldn't even do a simple transfer right and what they did accomplish took 2 hrs. Think maybe the systems upgrade zapped my SD card useless?
Kristina Salvitti 7/18/2013 | 7:07:07 PM
re: Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming? Ya..I was 2 weeks not even..and bammm! It was a transfer phone already knew everything..they f'd that all up as it was...now its in shambles again. I'm not sure who to complain to or how to vet my pics back it wipped SD card is wipped I think Verizon owes me something! Phone is a piece of crap now.
Kristina Salvitti 7/18/2013 | 7:01:24 PM
re: Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming? 2 days ago I experienced one of these system upgrades and didn't ask for it. It wiped my SD card and cleaned out my gallery. I had just gotten this phone June 3rd or something and it took me a week to reinstall apps and their duties, pics from SD card, and Staten out what the idiot tech's version of transferring over service and contacts with that little machine they plug it into that doubles ur contacts and separates them. Loses some. Nearly 2 weeks later I'm finnaly able to use my phone like I did my old one...Jan of this ur( got hacked) then they pull this shit and everything slows..specially typing , apps don't all work and contacts messed up again. Who do I complain to? Please help. Email is [email protected]
kablacker 6/19/2013 | 11:52:29 AM
re: Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming? Dull updates are the best kind. Not like the "exciting" kind Microsoft likes to push that break everything you just got comfortable with.
DanJonesLRMobile 6/18/2013 | 8:01:59 PM
re: Android OS: A Crucial Yet 'Dull' Update Coming? The sub $50 Android smartphone waits in the wings maybe?
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