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What's Up With WiFi?

Wi-Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa talks about voice-over-WiFi and the upcoming introduction of Wi-Fi Aware, or Smart WiFi.

DHagar 3/13/2015 | 8:04:14 PM
Re: What's up with WiFi mhhf1ve, great point.  It will only be a "pretend" market with uneven development if you have this patched facade. 

As I listened to the interview, it appears to me that the capabilities of the VoWiFi will provide better support at all levels. I am thinking it will enable a lower-cost service to be developed feasibly; truly needed if you are really going to grow the full market, as you point out.
mhhf1ve 3/13/2015 | 7:50:08 PM
Re: What's Up With WiFi WiFi has a growing market in the lower budget wireless subscription users, and VoWiFi is a feature that helps cellular providers who don't have the best coverage to close some gaps and make handsets seem to have better connectivity without necessarily building more cell towers (or upgrading them).

But is there are higher-end WiFi service on the horizon that's not aimed at the low budget users? Otherwise, VoWiFi will always seem like a hack to get around cellular deficiencies, no?
DHagar 3/12/2015 | 6:15:21 PM
Re: What's Up With WiFi Ray, great interview.  It sounds as if the WiFi Alliance has targeted some key advancements to "refreshing"  WiFi!

The ideas of seamless connectivity will be an attractive capability.  I am wondering who are the leaders in passpoint?  Are there current operators that either dominate or are likely leaders in providing that final piece for Voice Over WiFi?

I like his clarification of the difference in the markets with IT/Telecom.

Finally, that WiFi Aware sounds like a winner.  Real-time marketing should sell well in our development of a constantly connected world.  The ability to identify and deliver information/goods/services real-time can be a key advantege (ie, transportation as a great example - as you pointed out).
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