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Verizon On Board With NYC WiFi Subway Build-Out

Verizon has signed on for more coverage in the New York City Subway as Transit Wireless continues its planned deployment through 2017.

Transit Wireless LLC is deploying distributed antennas and WiFi hotspots in the subway. It aims to wire all 279 underground MTA stations by 2017. (See Transit Wireless: Unwiring the NYC Subway.)

All of the big four US mobile carriers -- AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S), T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Wireless -- have deals for coverage in the subway from Transit Wireless. Verizon has now signed on to support phase four and five of the buildout of the project. The carrier currently has service in 62 stations. (See NYC Subway Wireless No Cure for Ebola Fears.)

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Phase four of the job started in March 2015. It will connect 37 stations in Manhattan and the Bronx. Phase five will cover 37 stations in downtown Manhattan. It is expected to start later this year.

After that, Transit Wireless is expecting to move into NYC's largest borough, Brooklyn, to deploy stations there.

For every 60 or so stations that the DAS deployer gets set up, it needs another basestation hotel to house the carrier equipment that supports the service. It current has these hotels in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 8/27/2015 | 12:49:57 PM
Re: Is VZ getting on board with DAS or Wi-Fi? BTW, starting to see the Transit Wireless WiFi APs signals live on the F line at Delancey Street & 2 Ave and above. Possibly a clue as to where we can next expect to see the service?
DanJones 8/24/2015 | 7:20:13 PM
Re: Is VZ getting on board with DAS or Wi-Fi? Transit Wireless runs the WiFi itself. The carriers are hosted on the DAS it has and is installing.
Director64174 8/24/2015 | 1:07:01 PM
Is VZ getting on board with DAS or Wi-Fi? The title seems to suggest that the VZ is getting on board with NYC Wi-Fi; but the post suggests VZ will only be integrating with DAS. How is Wi-Fi coming in the picture here? Is Verizon (and for that matter other carriers mentioned in the post) providing any integrating of their services with Wi-Fi hotspots in these subway stations such as Carrier Wi-Fi, Voice over Wi-Fi?
kq4ym 8/18/2015 | 10:11:31 PM
Re: What about the H-word people? With politics ever present, it would be interesting to see how contracts are let, and how much lobbying and other money in involved in the final government approvals. Nonetheless, subway riders will eventually have a great service, although at what cost might be interesting to look at.
DanJones 8/17/2015 | 7:04:25 PM
Re: What about the H-word people?/Verizon Note that as far as I know, verizon has only signed up for the next 2 phases, after dragging its feet on Phase 3. So that doesn't take it into Brooklyn anyway.

I'll have to take a closer look at the way this is financed but I'm not sure the mayor has sway over Verizon is supported in the project. The way Transit Wireless is set up is as a carrier netural host DAS. So it seems to be more about whether VZ wants to support it rather than vice versa!
Ariella 8/13/2015 | 1:29:22 PM
Re: What about the H-word people? @MordyK No, I just visited Sagamore Hill. Though tickets to the house tour were sold out (people seem sold on seeing it in its recently renovated glory http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/10/arts/design/theodore-roosevelts-sagamore-hill-home-cries-bully.html) , the mueum was open. 
MordyK 8/13/2015 | 1:20:16 PM
Re: What about the H-word people? @Ariella you just read a book on Roosevelt?
Ariella 8/13/2015 | 11:00:10 AM
Re: What about the H-word people? @MordyK Indeed, another thing that Teddy Roosevelt battled against, but that crops up repeatedly.
MordyK 8/13/2015 | 9:45:33 AM
Re: What about the H-word people? @SteveQ big companies don't really get penalized the way a small one would. Its called "government affairs", otherwise known as sanctioned bribery.
Ariella 8/13/2015 | 8:57:28 AM
Re: What about the H-word people? @SteveQ I'd guess there was some bidding before the project that made them arrive at their particular choice. 
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