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Light Reading Goes to Comic-Con 2015!

SAN DIEGO -- I took a break from my duties covering open networking for Light Reading and hopped across town to visit San Diego Comic-Con.

Comic-Con is an annual celebration of comics, film, movies, books and collectibles that sprawls across the downtown of America's Finest City every July since forever. There are local and regional Comic-Cons as well, but the San Diego version is the mothership.

I dropped by along with more than 100,000 of my closest friends. Here's some of what I saw.

Han & Leia
There's something inaccurate about this Han Solo/Princess Leia duo. Their costumes are almost perfect, but not 100% authentic to the movies. I can't quite figure out what's off.
There's something inaccurate about this Han Solo/Princess Leia duo. Their costumes are almost perfect, but not 100% authentic to the movies. I can't quite figure out what's off.

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This wasn't my first Comic-Con rodeo. Check out Pics From Comic-Con -- Honest! for pics from last year's extravaganza.

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mhhf1ve 8/6/2015 | 6:53:51 PM
KFC hotspots! The Colonel Sanders WiFi hotspots!


That is awesome... will have to get comic-con tix someday... 
mhhf1ve 8/6/2015 | 6:51:42 PM
the feels for kevin smith... / sad trombone:

Susan Fourtané 7/15/2015 | 1:29:49 PM
Re: Comic Con tickets Mitch, and you might have some additional fun and everything. :) -Susan
Mitch Wagner 7/15/2015 | 1:21:57 PM
Congressman Lewis By the way, I can be pretty cynical sometimes -- particularly regarding politicians -- but I was genuinely awestruck to be in Congressman Lewis's presence. He's the real deal -- an authentic American hero. I wish I'd stayed to chat with him longer but I was a bit tongue-tied. 
Mitch Wagner 7/15/2015 | 1:20:30 PM
Re: Comic Con tickets Susan - Yeah, I think I'm going to try for press credentials at next year's con. 
Susan Fourtané 7/15/2015 | 7:48:42 AM
Re: Comic Con tickets Mitch,

I knew no matter what you were going to bring all the spirit of Comic-Con here. :D And I was right. Nice hat you had this year, too. If I remember correctly from your last years' Comic-Con report you had a brown one, kind of Indie Jones? :)

I believe you would get it easier if you get press credentials for the 2016 con. You have also all the evidence of your previous reports, which certainly accelerates the process.  

Mitch Wagner 7/14/2015 | 10:49:32 AM
Re: Comic Con tickets Sarah - Yes, it's very hard to get tickets. For the past two or three years, they've had this online system where you queue up virtually by logging in to a Web page, and making sure to keep your browser window open. Then you're forwarded to another web page where you actually buy your tickets. Ticket sales for previous attendees start 8 am on a Saturday in November -- eight months ahead of the con itself!

A buddy in LA and I usually tag-team it, communicating over iMessage as we do. First one in buys tickets for both. This year I was the first in, and I was able to buy only one ticket for one day -- Sunday. My friend may forgive me for this one day.

I've thought about getting press credentials, but it seems like even MORE trouble. May do it this time for 2016.  

I also went downtown on Saturday. The convention spills far beyond the convention center, and takes over all of downtown. 

It's a great time. We should have a Light Reading event in conjunction!

Sarah Thomas 7/14/2015 | 8:31:46 AM
Comic Con tickets I just watched the Big Bang re-run where they try to get ComicCon tickets, but it sells out immediately (the one with James Earl Jones). Is it really that hard to get into? Looks like a fun -- and definitely interesting -- time! 
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