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Google Campaigns to 'Free the Airwaves'

In 1981, the Ramones released a single called We Want the Airwaves, a post-punk call to end corporate control of radio. It was a rebellion that presaged the fall of media gatekeepers of all sorts as the Internet put people in charge of programming their own entertainment.

Now Google wants the airwaves, to end what it sees as an Internet access bottleneck. On Monday, Google (NSDQ: GOOG), in conjunction with several public interest and industry advocacy groups, launched Free The Airwaves, a campaign to rally support for its plan to open underutilized portions of the television broadcast spectrum for high-speed wireless Internet networking.

Google and its allies -- a group that includes competitors like Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) -- argue that opening the unused TV spectrum, called white space, to carry wireless Internet signals is crucial to making Internet access in the U.S. more affordable and more competitive with what's available elsewhere in the world.

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— Thomas Clayburn, target="new">InformationWeek
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