Huawei Upgrades MTN's Backhaul Network in Nigeria

SHENZHEN -- Huawei has announced that the African mobile networks operator MTN will use Huawei’s IP RAN solution to fully upgrade their mobile backhaul network in Nigeria. The upgrade will enable MTN to provide 100 Mb/s mobile Internet access for users in Nigeria, greatly improving service experience for mobile users and promoting mobile broadband development in West Africa.

Mobile Internet services are developing quickly in West Africa. A growing number of users watch videos on mobile devices, and video services have now become a basic service expected from operators. To improve the service experience for mobile users, MTN, the biggest mobile operator in Nigeria, has decided to build an experience-driven mobile backhaul network to improve the bandwidth and reduce the latency. This starts with launching the LTE network deployment plan. As an important part of end-to-end networks, the mobile backhaul network is vital for providing an optimal experience for users.

Huawei’s IP RAN solution uses ATN series routers to form a 10GE access ring and uses terabit routers to form a 100GE core aggregation layer. In this solution, the end-to-end ultra-bandwidth mobile backhaul network increases the bandwidth by four to five times and provides up to 100 Mb/s bandwidth experience for users. The simplified network architecture simplifies metro packet forwarding to one hop, reducing end-to-end service latency by 70% and greatly improving video service quality.

Huawei IP RAN solution enables MTN to provide ultra-bandwidth video services with optimal user experience. In addition, through collaboration with Huawei’s Layer 3 Microwave solution, Huawei’s IP RAN solution extends Layer 3 to the edge of the backhaul network, shortening end-to-end service provisioning from two weeks to one day. The unified end-to-end Layer 3 network maintenance and innovative IP Flow Performance Measurement (IP FPM) technology (an IP SLA measurement technology) implements minute-level fault diagnosis and improves the network maintenance efficiency by about 18 times.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

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