Funding? Brilliant!

4:00 PM -- Brilliant Telecommunications Inc. wrapped up another round of funding last week, topping off its Series B with $5 million more to bring the round to $11 million. (See Brilliant Closes Funding.)

"That should take the company to cash-flow positive, based on the orders coming in," says Susan Mason, a partner with Onset Ventures .

We've been interested in Brilliant as a wireless backhaul play, providing the timing technology that's absent from Ethernet. (See Luminous Crew Gets Brilliant.) Mason describes the company in more ambitious terms, looking at the possibility of myriad IP devices on the network all needing timing. Sensor nets and machine-to-machine communications come to mind.

Among its prized wins, in fact, is a power plant in China that's tagged all its machines with IP addresses.

So the total available market comes out to something like infinity, depending on how aggressively you extrapolate. (Mason didn't have a number offhand.) You'd think that would bring startup competition into the ring, but then again, that would mean getting investors to stop thinking Web 2.0 and care about timing esoterica.

Brilliant will have a couple of established companies to wrangle with, anyway. RAD Data Communications Ltd. is hot on the topic, and Symmetricom Inc. (Nasdaq: SYMM) could get more aggressive, too, if Brilliant's plans pan out.

Brilliant's products come in the form of pole-mounted servers or the sleeker-looking rack-mounted boxes. It's also partnered up with NovAtel Inc. , which was the lead investor in that round B.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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