CLECs Eye a Slice of the Mobile Backhaul Pie

ORLANDO -- Backhaul Strategies for Competitive Carriers -- For lean and hungry U.S. competitive carriers used to rolling with the punches and sniffing out new business opportunities, the mobile backhaul market must smell like a juicy apple pie ready to be sliced.

Most competitive carriers that have survived the telecom sector meltdown and the recent wave of industry consolidation have ample fiber resources, and an infrastructure that makes them eminently suitable players in the mobile backhaul market -- assuming, though, that there's a way to connect cell towers to fiber networks and do it efficiently, cost-effectively and on a timely basis.

At this week's Incompas show in Orlando, Light Reading Live! will look at all the opportunities, and challenges, facing CLECs as they try to build a backhaul business. (See Synchronization Still a Mobile Backhaul Challenge and Level 3 Claims Unique Backhaul Strategy.)

Led by Heavy Reading senior analyst and mobile backhaul specialist Patrick Donegan, Backhaul Strategies for Competitive Carriers, which is collocated at Comptel Plus, will take a real-world look at how competitive carriers can crack the backhaul dominance of the traditional local exchange carriers and meet the exploding backhaul needs of mobile carriers faced with rapidly growing volumes of data traffic.

Competitive carriers that have deployed mostly fiber networks and IP technology could even find themselves in an advantageous position as the mobile industry moves to IP-based 4G networks. But there are challenges as well, especially when it comes to determining the most cost-effective and future-proof way to reach widely scattered cell towers and deliver the quality of service expected by mobile operators and their customers.

Paul Schieber, VP - Roaming and Access Planning for Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S), will offer an insight into what mobile operators are looking for in wireless backhaul. A group of other service provider executives, including Ron Mudry, founder and CEO of Tower Cloud, Amanda Tierney, VP of Wholesale Market Management at Level 3 Communications Inc. (NYSE: LVLT), David Howson, president of Zayo Group Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) and Jason Cohen, President & COO of Allied Fiber LLC , will all offer perspectives on what their companies are delivering in the backhaul space. (See FiberTower, Zayo Enter Agreement.)

The event promises to highlight what could well become the next boom market in the always-volatile competitive services sector.

— Carol Wilson, Chief Editor, Events, Light Reading

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