Verizon CEO Says LA Is Second 5G City

Verzon's CEO said Tuesday that Los Angeles will be the carrier's second fixed wireless 5G launch, along with the already announced Sacramento.

5G "is a lot closer than people think," Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam, told CNBC.

"We're charging ahead," said McAdam in the interview. "I have never seen a technology that is as disruptive and has as much benefit to consumers as 5G."

Verizon is promising gigabit speeds at 2,000 feet out from its home-grown 5GTF specification, using 28GHz millimeter wave. Its initial offering will be an alt-fiber-style service using indoor (or outdoor) 5G signal routers to distribute the signal inside the home.

Los Angeles will be a far more challenging area to deploy 5G in than Sacramento, which is 69% less densely populated than LA.

Verizon says it will launch fixed 5G access in three to five US cities by the end of the year.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 5/29/2018 | 12:30:24 PM
Re: Reality Check I would suspect there's going to be more and more concern as 5G moves nearer to reality as the choices between range and speed become a trade-off as well as probable public concerns over the RFI and health and safety concerns of the high frequency radio transmissions.
DanJones 5/23/2018 | 11:43:40 AM
Re: Reality Check mmWave surely isn't going to offer ubiquitous coverage by itself anytime soon. But do you want coverage, or do you want speed?
Phil_Britt 5/19/2018 | 3:26:46 PM
Reality Check Verizon can call it a 5G city, 6G, or unlimited G. The proof will be if it is truly avaiulable and where. How many cities "had broadband," but only in limited areas or under only excellent conditions for many years?
Duh! 5/16/2018 | 10:54:47 AM
More challenging? How so? Business models ordinarily favor mm-wave FWA for high density areas.
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