Trump Reelection Campaign Wobbles on Wholesale 5G Possibility

The Trump reelection campaign both floated a nationwide 5G wholesale plan and backed off on it, all in the space of this weekend.

On Friday, Trump reelection advisors -- who include Brad Scarsdale and Newt Gingrich -- backed a plan for the government to control 5G airwaves and lease access to private wireless service providers. "A 5G wholesale market would drive down costs and provide access to millions of Americans who are currently underserved," Kayleigh McEnany, national press secretary for Trump's 2020 campaign, told Politico.

This is the latest in 5G-related plans that have emerged -- or leaked -- from the Trump administration or campaign team. Last year, it was suggested, for instance, that authorities could build a 5G nationwide network to protect the US against perceived Chinese dominance of the new network technology. (See Trump Could Nationalize 5G – Report.)

However, nothing has yet come to pass from such proposals.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the reelection campaign stepped back from its latest 5G promises, according to Axios.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 3/4/2019 | 8:45:53 AM
Nationalize 5G? Interesting that all these takes on 5G seem to involve nationalizing 5G in some way! It's a way to compete with the Chinese I guess....
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