Time to Enter the Leading Lights 2017

Awards season is back! Leading Lights, Light Reading's prestigious annual awards program, is open for business and is ready to accept this year's crop of entries and, as ever, it has a bunch of new categories for you to enter.

Now in its thirteenth year, the awards celebrate the innovation, hard work and business success of the communications industry's leading companies, teams and individuals.

And in recognition of the changing nature of the communications industry, we've added several new entry options for the 2017 program.

The new categories this year are:

    Most Innovative 5G Technology Strategy (Vendor): Awarded to the company that has outlined and clearly communicated an innovative, market-leading 5G networking technology development strategy during the past year.

    Most Innovative 5G Services Strategy (Service Provider): Awarded to the communications service provider that has outlined and clearly communicated an innovative, market-leading 5G services development strategy during the past year.

    Outstanding Digital Enablement Vendor: Awarded to the next-generation OSS/BSS/analytics/digital commerce systems vendor that stands out from its competitors, innovates constantly, helps set the industry trends, makes investors proud, and makes employees happy.

    Outstanding Communications Technology Vision: Awarded to the company with the most innovative, transformative strategic vision for the global communications sector that harnesses next-generation technologies including (but not limited to) artificial intelligence/machine learning, fog networking, robotics, drones, virtual or augmented reality and any other developments that will shape a 5G world.

As you'd expect, there are plenty of awards that recognize innovation and advances in key areas of technology and services, including NFV, SDN, security, IoT, components, test & measurement, video and more.

And for the second year, the program includes three Women in Comms (WiC) awards -- Most Inspiring Woman in Comms, Female Tech Pioneer of the Year and Female-Led Startup to Watch -- that will be presented at the Leading Lights ceremony in May.

But that's not all. As ever, we're seeking nominations for the Light Reading Hall of Fame, which recognizes those individuals, both the famous and the infamous, who have made a notable contribution to the global communications sector. Among those inducted in previous years are Steve Jobs, Bob Metcalfe, John Chambers, Brian Roberts, Kris Rinne, Martin Cooper, John Donovan, Irwin Jacobs, Larissa Herda, James Crowe, Niklas Zennström, Edward Snowden, Hedy Lamarr and Bernie Ebbers.

You can see the full list of awards categories, details about how to enter, and a link to our FAQ document, at the Leading Lights 2017 home page.

The awards are judged by the Light Reading editorial team with help from the Heavy Reading analyst team. The deadline for entries is Friday, March 17, 2017. The shortlists will be announced in early April and the winners announced at an awards dinner in Austin (further details to follow) on Monday, May 15, as a kick-off to our Big Communications Event (BCE) (http://www.bigcommunicationsevent.com).

To see who picked up the awards in 2016 (and so had even more fun at our lavish 2016 awards party in Austin), see:

So get those awards entries rolling in folks and remember -- you've got to be in it to win it!

— Ray Le Maistre, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn profile, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

[email protected] 2/2/2017 | 1:38:22 PM
SOME ADVICE Don't leave it until the last mionute


Just because you think you've smashed it in the past year that doesn't mean you don't have to TRY REALLY HARD WITH THE ENTRY to be shortlisted (we can't read minds)


etc etc

And PLEASE PLEASE do not compalain about how you weren't shortlisted IF YOU DON'T ENTER! you wouldn't believe how often that happens...

Marketing exec to me -- "we should have won that - we are th best in IoT/security/OSS etc"

me to marketing exec -- Did you enter?

Mark exec -- I'm not sure.... [no]

Me -- Get a grip... 

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