T-Mobile to Test 5G With Nokia, Ericsson

T-Mobile will start 5G tests with Ericsson and Nokia in the US in the second half of this year but don't expect net-gen mobile services from the carrier until compatible handsets arrive in the 2020 timeframe.

Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC) and Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK) are working with T-Mobile US Inc. to set up field and lab trials on pre-5G 28GHz test systems later this year. T-Mobile said last week that it would start initial 5G trials this year. (See T-Mobile Joins 5G Trial Races With Ericsson.)

"We'll be on a direct path to 5G service once 5G consumer smartphones and standards are available in the 2020+ timeframe," T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said in a statement Tuesday.

The CTO has been consistent in sticking to the 2020-or-beyond timeframe for commercial deployment even as Verizon Wireless started to claim it will launch initial 5G services in the US in 2017. Ray blasted that claim as "total B.S." last week. (See T-Mobile CEO Slams Verizon's 5G Claims.)

Nonetheless, of the big four US mobile carriers, only Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) has yet to announce its 5G trial plans.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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TV Monitor 2/26/2016 | 2:23:07 PM
T-Mobile chose wrong vendors Seems that the vendor being the most influencial on FCC's 5G spectrum policy is Samsung


Samsung provides technical demonstrations of millimeter wave for FCC

Samsung executives, including Youngky Kim, president and head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, as well as vice presidents Woojune Kim and Wonil Roh, were among those who met with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and others this week to talk about spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

According to an ex parte filing, Samsung also provided technical demonstrations of millimeter wave band technology during the meetings. While some of the meetings took place on Tuesday, Roh also met with Commissioner Jessica Rocenworcel and her legal advisor Johanna Thomas on Monday.

Verizon is expanding the testing of Samsung 5G technonolgy to Samsung's US 5G lab in Texas


Verizon to test 5G at 28 GHz in Texas with Samsung

Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and Samsung appear to be plowing ahead with plans to conduct 5G tests at 28 GHz, one of the bands that holds a great deal of promise for 5G services.

The carrier plans to soon begin 5G testing at 28 GHz with Samsung in Euless, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Verizon Executive Director of Corporate Communications Chuck Hamby told FierceWirelessTech.

EU Commission tries to define European 5G as being IoT focused vs bandwidth focused Asian 5G


The European Commission will unveil its strategy to develop the next generation of mobile broadband network (5G) on Monday (22 February), EurActiv has learned.

The paper outlines "innovative" digital approaches in several industrial sectors in Europe, ranging from manufacturing, the automotive sector, health, energy, the media and entertainment.

It lists the most important performance targets 5G needs to achieve for supporting services in these five sectors. Those include a speed of data transmission below five milliseconds (latency), reliability and density (up to 100 devices per square meter) along with tight constraints on territory and population coverage.

China and Europe share an interest in the industrial applications of 5G, including in manufacturing, connected cars, robotics and precision farming.
China, EU, 5G and the Internet of the future

The road to 5G may be long and contain hurdles and a detour or two but European commissioner's visit to Beijing provides perfect opportunity to jumpstart the collaboration, writes Luigi Gambardella.

Meanwhile, Japan and South Korea are prioritising video and gaming.

South Korea wants to present its first results during the 2018 winter Olympics. According to media reports, South Korea's KT will offer 360-degree virtual reality viewing of the games.


While T-Mobile is a German corporation and it is understandable why they would work with European vendors on 5G trials, the geography is wrong because the US FCC is not interested in the kind of low-band 5G focused on latency and not bandwidth.

The US 5G spectrum will be in 28 Ghz and 39 Ghz, and testing a 5G system that cannot operate in this FCC designated 5G band is waste of time and effort for a US market carrier, unless one had enough bandwidth in low band to do a non-standard Chinese 5G like Sprint.
DanJones 2/26/2016 | 2:54:59 PM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors Er, did you read the story, they said they're using a 28GHz system...
TV Monitor 2/26/2016 | 3:14:23 PM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors Dan Jones

Ericsson doesn't have a functional 28 Ghz system to demonstrate, and even the 15 Ghz system they have is downright primitive compared to what Samsung is able to do.


This is Ericssons' 15 Ghz system being tested by NTT Docomo. Only stationary testing at a few meters. Nokia's 15 Ghz testing was doing something like 110 meters.

What Ericsson and Nokia have been able to achieve with mmwave is pathetic compared to Samsung's 5G system.

It is of no wonder that Samsung is the biggest influencer of FCC's 28 Ghz 5G plans and why FCC is going so gung ho on 28/39 Ghz 5G plan, because FCC is convinced that 28 Ghz 5G would be operational by 2018 based on Samsung's demonstration.
DanJones 2/26/2016 | 3:34:41 PM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors Well in that case so has AT&T.
TV Monitor 2/27/2016 | 9:58:29 PM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors According to Samsung Networks president, its current 5G testing partners are Korea's three networks(SK, KT, and LG U+), Verizon(US), KDDI(Japan), and Deutsche Telekom(Germany. T-Mobile parent). 

Both Verizon and KDDI plan 28 Ghz 5G deployments, while things are a bit murky with Deutsche Telekom which prefers 60 Ghz. There should be a 28 Ghz roaming service connecting the US, Korea, and Japan in the 2020s.
Joe Stanganelli 2/27/2016 | 10:54:43 PM
T-Mobile tests I imagine ol' Ray will be conducting those tests not inside... (hey-oooo!)
DanJones 2/28/2016 | 11:40:27 AM
Re: "STRP" stock was on fire this week...more to come... Hehehe, are some people trying to use this board to push their favourite 5Gish stock? Sure seems like it... ;-)
thebulk 2/29/2016 | 6:02:34 AM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors While it does seem Samsung is on top of the game, I think its still to early to know if anyone else will work out the kinks in their tech and overcome. 
thebulk 2/29/2016 | 6:22:49 AM
Re: T-Mobile chose wrong vendors That 5G roaming plan would be amazing for travel. 
thebulk 2/29/2016 | 6:23:08 AM
Re: T-Mobile tests @Joe, LoL
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