T-Mobile Seeks FCC License for 5G Tests

T-Mobile is the latest US carrier to ask the FCC for a millimeter wave radio test license as it anticipates being able to use 28GHz and 39GHz frequencies when it actually deploys 5G service.

"We have spectrum holdings in the 28GHz and 39GHz bands, which look like they will be made available for 5G use by the FCC," a T-Mobile spokesperson tells Light Reading. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) records indicate that T-Mobile US Inc. likely acquired the millimeter wave (mmWave) licenses through the acquisition of MetroPCS. (See MetroPCS/T-Mobile Wedding Is On.)

Now, as spotted by Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile has applied for a test license for 28GHz and 38GHz indoor and outdoor testing of early 5G gear. The operator has previously said that it expects to start tests in the second half of 2016. (See T-Mobile to Test 5G With Nokia, Ericsson .)

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) applied for a similar license earlier this year. Light Reading understands that Ma Bell is still waiting for that test license to be granted. (See AT&T Wants to Start 5G Tests in Austin.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 3/29/2016 | 9:17:50 AM
Re: 28GHz coverage Yeah we've written about fixed app potential before.
Sr.Direc25263 3/29/2016 | 9:03:51 AM
Re: 28GHz coverage Also TMobile controls 100-200mhz of spectrum in 15 markets through its acquisition of MetroPCS. Those 2 have a starting point. AT&T has 39Ghz licenses and is lobbying the FCC to auction an additional 1.4GHz of spectrum at 37-39Ghz directly adjacent to the current band included in this activity. TMo also owns holdings at 39Ghz. Sprint is absent from these higher bands but has enough 2.5Ghz to densify properly without using higher bands as is paramount now for the other 3. Enlightening also is the fact that these carriers are talking about residential and commercial data services - I predict new entrants into residential dsl replacement aside from their mobile network fortifications.
DanJones 3/29/2016 | 8:52:33 AM
Re: 28GHz coverage Yeah, Verizon has the most for sure. Edit: potentially the most!
Sr.Direc25263 3/29/2016 | 8:45:43 AM
Re: 28GHz coverage Dan, Verizon has an option on 85% of the country through its recent acquisition of XO. There is plenty of 28ghz spectrum in this transaction - 1.6Ghz worth in A1, A2 & A3 although the carriers will likely test in the biggest contiguous block of A1.
DanJones 3/29/2016 | 8:39:30 AM
28GHz coverage I don't think any US carrier has 28GHz licenses that *could* cover the US.
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