T-Mobile CTO: We'll Do 5G When We're Ready

T-Mobile's CTO says that it is not trying to fast-track 5G deployment in the US in the way that rival Verizon is.

T-Mobile US Inc. 's CTO, Neville Ray, in a blog Wednesday, took aim at Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ)'s claims that it will deploy 5G in some cities in the US in 2017. (See Verizon CEO: US Commercial 5G Starts in 2017 and Watch Out for 5G Pretenders.)

The CTO has this to say on 5G:

"When 5G is ready, you bet T-Mobile will be ready to deliver the benefits to our customers. But don't be too distracted by certain carriers teasing premature promises of 5G today. The industry standards don't even exist for 5G yet, but if you look at what T-Mobile has being doing to give customers an advanced LTE experience (a prerequisite to 5G), you'll see that we fully intend to bring 5G to the market in a very real way when the time comes."

Neither AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) nor T-Mobile have put any date on when they actually expect to deploy 5G.

Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) has previously indicated that it doesn't expect 5G in the US until after 2020. (See Sprint: 5G in the US After 2020?.)

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Ray, meanwhile, is also stressing that LTE upgrades are what will really benefit subscribers right now. T-Mobile now covers 304 million Americans with LTE, having extended service to another 219 million people this year. Ray claims the operator can provide maximum speeds of 150 Mbit/s in some cities.

The operator has been using the low-band 700MHz spectrum it bought from Verizon to boost coverage and speed in cities with "Extended Range LTE." This combines T-Mobile's low-band and mid-band radio channels through carrier aggregation to increase speed and extend signal range. "T-Mobile Extended Range LTE will improve our LTE signal for customers across 300 markets, big and small," Ray notes.

The work on LTE will continue in 2016, the CTO says. "We'll continue building more speed and capacity, and roll out new technologies like 4x4 MIMO [multiple antenna arrays] and three-band carrier aggregation," Ray writes.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 12/27/2015 | 7:54:06 PM
Re: Déjà Vu And as we've been over already, Verizon aren't saying 2020, they're saying 2017. So they won't be deploying the 28Ghz system at first, the spectrum hasn't even been allocated in the US yet! Sorry!
DanJones 12/27/2015 | 7:38:21 PM
Re: T Mobile has a mature approach AT&T & Sprint are pretty conservative on 5G too though.
DanJones 12/27/2015 | 7:36:54 PM
Re: Déjà Vu Right, because there are NEVER delays in deploying new networks or devices right? :-)
Joe Stanganelli 12/27/2015 | 2:00:47 PM
Re: Déjà Vu @TV Monitor: Of course, by then we'll be talking about 6G.
Joe Stanganelli 12/27/2015 | 2:00:17 PM
Re: Déjà Vu If nobody knows what it is, then Verizon can't be called a liar for saying that they offer it.  ;) Sounds like sound (if sneaky) marketing.  ;)
Joe Stanganelli 12/27/2015 | 1:58:56 PM
4/5G On the one hand, this seems like the wise move.  Apple took a similar approach with the iPhone and 4G.

On the other hand, T-Mobile seems to painting itself as a non-innovator here.

In any case, I wouldn't expect T-Mobile to be ahead of the game on 5G because they're still working on mastering the technology of getting their devices to get a signal from inside buildings.  :p
TV Monitor 12/27/2015 | 1:36:26 PM
Re: Déjà Vu Kbode

"when nobody even knows what that technology technically is yet."

Oh, a lot of people in the industry does know what the 5G will be like, that has become crystal clear about a month ago.

This is why the spectrum fight at ITU WRC-15 was so intense, because certain frequencies favor certain specific 5G technologies.

When the ITU decided on the above 24.25 Ghz as the global 5G spectrum, it collectively doomed Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, and Domoco's 5G efforts and basically crowned Samsung 28 Ghz 5G as the global 5G standard. Samsung 28 Ghz 5G demo network is already in construction since last summer and will have a press demo in February of 2018.

For the lucky thousands of reporters on loaned out Samsung Galaxy 5G phones(Not for sale) at Pyeongchang, they would be able to smell and taste the ITU certified 5G in their hands. That's only two years and two months away, and the network that will support this is already under construction.
KBode 12/27/2015 | 11:34:21 AM
Re: Déjà Vu Absolutely.

I'm not sure how Verizon can be claiming to be offering a technology, when nobody even knows what that technology technically is yet. A pretty sensible post by Ray I think.
nasimson 12/25/2015 | 8:57:17 AM
T Mobile has a mature approach TMobile has a more mature approach than Verizon here. When 5G is not standardized, there is no point making deployment plans of it.
TV Monitor 12/24/2015 | 3:50:31 PM
Re: Déjà Vu Dan Jones

"So claiming to deploy 5G in 2017 is premature."

The world's first true 5G service will enter commercial service in 2020, so anyone can deploy 10 Gbits/s 5G in 2020 and onward, as all the pieces will be ready by then.
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