Samsung: No Sale of Wireless Unit

Samsung says that it is not selling its wireless networking unit.

Light Reading reported Monday that Samsung Corp. was examining strategic options for its Networks unit, which could include a sale. The South Korean conglomerate says that a sale is definitely not in the cards. (See Samsung to Sell Wireless Networking Unit?)

"Samsung Electronics has made significant investments in mobile telecommunications systems and devices," the company said in a statement. "Overall, tens of billions of dollars in investments were made every year, which contributed to accelerating innovation in next generation telecommunication technologies (SDN/NFV, 5G)."

For more on 5G, visit the dedicated 5G section here on Light Reading.

Light Reading has reached out to Samsung to see if any other strategic options for the unit are on the table. We'll update when we get a response.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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[email protected] 12/4/2015 | 5:03:34 AM
Re: Why won't Dan Jones admit that he was wrong And to put this one to bed.... here is the opening paragraph from the initial article:


"Light Reading is hearing from industry sources that Samsung is considering selling its wireless networking business."


So, to spell it out.... known industry sources, not anonymous messages or scuttlebutt from people with an axe to grind, had heard that Samsung has been considering such a move.

That is an interesting development, very worth reporting. Dan reported it.

He then reported that Samsung has stated it is not selling the wireless networking unit.

So, Dan was not wrong -- his reporting was accurate.

Let's see how things develop.

TV Monitor 12/3/2015 | 3:49:59 PM
Re: Why won't Dan Jones admit that he was wrong http://www.satellitetoday.com/publications/st/2015/12/01/satellite-industry-fares-better-than-expected-at-wrc-15/


Satellite Industry Fares Better Than Expected at WRC-15

WRC-15 also adopted several agenda items for future conferences regarding additional spectrum for satellite, and regarding frequency bands for 5G. The conference rejected proposals to consider globally harmonized 5G spectrum in C-, Ku- or Ka-band at WRC-19, instead agreeing to evaluate high-frequency bands above 24 GHz for 5G mobile services. 
TV Monitor 12/3/2015 | 3:36:10 PM
Re: Why won't Dan Jones admit that he was wrong Dan Jones

Well, you heard from two unreliable sources then.



There is a panic at NTT Docomo right now, because Japan failed to secure the C/Ku band spectrum intended to be used by NTT Docomo for its 5G trial at the Tokyo Olympics at WRC-15 and the first trial might be pushed beyond 2020 now. The big winner of WRC-15? Samsung, whose 5G technology is now expected to be the global 5G standard because the ITU agreed to not consider spectrum below 24 Ghz for 5G. In other words, only technologies that could function at 24 Ghz and above will be considered for global 5G harmonization. 

Now, why would Samsung get rid of its network division when it is becoming clear each passing day that Samsung will be the dominant 5G base station provider of 5G era? The ITU WRC-15 collectively burried all low-band 5G bidders, including Docomo, Ericsson, Huawei, and Alcatel, leaving Samsung's 28/39 Ghz technology and Nokia's 70 Ghz technology as possible 5G candidates.
thebulk 12/3/2015 | 4:47:04 AM
Re: Not as fun @Joe, 

I also dabble in acting, though I wouldnt call what I do professional lol and I also speak at a lot of events around Asia, so sometimes I can just ramble on. 
Joe Stanganelli 12/3/2015 | 4:33:50 AM
Re: Why won't Dan Jones admit that he was wrong And I wouldn't expect to hear anything on that topic until the next press release and/or Form 8-K.  ;)
Joe Stanganelli 12/3/2015 | 4:32:03 AM
Re: Not as fun It's fine.  I was a professional actor way back when, and now I do speaking gigs.  I'm used to prattling on and on.  ;)
DanJones 12/3/2015 | 12:35:23 AM
Re: Why won't Dan Jones admit that he was wrong Two sources, I never do anything without 2 sources. I've heard back from Samsung PR now and they won't comment on other strategic options. Take from that what you will.
thebulk 11/30/2015 | 8:59:05 PM
Re: Not as fun @Joe, yeah, that is especially bad if you were really in the zone and then realized no one heard what you had to say.... 
Joe Stanganelli 11/30/2015 | 6:28:18 PM
Re: Not as fun I'm afraid of doing that.  Fortunately, I rarely bother to mute myself in calls because I'm pretty uninteresting anyway.  ;)
Joe Stanganelli 11/30/2015 | 6:27:21 PM
Re: Not as fun @thebulk: That happens to me all the time when I experience a dropped call.  I'll be monologuing until I finally realize that the call was dropped ages ago, and then I have to call the person back and repeat myself.
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