Reader's Poll: 5G Will Be Here in 2020

Our readers have spoken: 2020 really is the expected arrival date for 5G!

Some 285 of you voted in our recent poll: When Will Commercial 5G Arrive? More than a third of you (36.84% or 105 people), voted for 2020 as the expected arrival date for 5G, confirming what has been the received wisdom for a couple of years now. (See DoCoMo's 2020 Vision for 5G.)

A surprising number of you, however, bucked the orthodox thinking on 5G. Around 15.4% of you -- 44 voters -- are expecting commercial 5G to arrive later, in 2022, while 10.5% -- 30 voters -- are predicting 2021.

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A few of you, meanwhile, are much more optimistic. Some 55 of you are expecting 5G commercial services to arrive in 2019, with 47 respondents -- 16.2% of you -- predicting that 5G will arrive in 2018. Part of this is probably down to the fact that Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) executives have been suggesting an aggressive timelime for its fixed 5G rollout, with commercial trials slated for 2017. (See Verizon CFO: Eat Our (Fixed) 5G Dust!)

Thanks for voting in our last poll and be sure to weigh in on the new one: Which Organizations Will Have Most Influence on the Development of the 5G Standard?

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 10/14/2016 | 9:42:53 AM
Re: It will be KT and China Mobile That would seem to make sense that government units will be pushing the timelines for early use and standards that will come along with it. China would certainly benefit from that type of push I would guess.
DanJones 10/4/2016 | 6:00:15 PM
Re: It will be KT and China Mobile Sez you!

If you believe Verizon, they're gonna be first in 2018. They don't have spectrum available yet to do it nationwide yet and its going to be fixed too though.
TV Monitor 10/4/2016 | 11:20:18 AM
It will be KT and China Mobile It will be government owned carriers with mandates to popularize their respective national 5G technologies as global standard at 3GPP.

The 5G standard won't be developed at 3GPP in a cooperative manner similar to LTE's development; 3GPP is where competing rival technologies fight to become the global 5G standard.
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