Qualcomm: The First 5G Smartphone on Display?

Does Qualcomm have the first 5G prototype in smartphone form ready now?

Sherif Hanna, marketing lead for LTE and 5G NR modems at Qualcomm, seems to be saying that with his latest tweet:

Qualcomm revealed its first, single chip X50 5G modem -- running on 28GHz -- earlier this month, along with a smartphone reference design kit for vendors, so the phone in the photo is very likely based on that silicon. (See Qualcomm Claims 5G Data Call First.)

The photo shows a device that looks big compared to most current smartphones, but not impossible to use. Certainly it is a lot more managable than the golf-cart sized 5G prototype terminals of the last couple of years.

Qualcomm has said that it expects to see commerical 5G smartphones -- based on the 3GPP NR specification -- out in the first half of 2019. There's obviously more work on miniaturization. to go on between between now and then.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 11/11/2017 | 9:34:58 AM
Re: Dev times Yes, it will be interesting to see what Qualcomm can come up with in the period of a little more than a year. Will standards radically shorten or lengthen the cycle and certainly the product will havve to become considerably smaller to get folks comfortable with what will probably be a bit pricier device.
DanJones 10/27/2017 | 4:18:29 PM
Dev times Late 2017 til mid 2019 is a pretty long dev period for new smartphones. Apparently the work testing 28GHz will add to the dev time for 5G phones.
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