Photos: MBB Forum 2016 Tokyo, Day 1

TOKYO -- Global MBB Forum 2016 -- More than a thousand senior mobile broadband network and services executives have converged on Tokyo to discuss the future of mobile broadband technology and applications and to figure out the best route from a 4G LTE to a 5G world.

Key topics being discussed include 4G evolution, the latest expectations of a 5G world and all the technology developments that come with that transition, including virtualization.

But there's also plenty of discussion about the key services and applications that will impact operator strategies as they migrate towards 5G, including 4K/8K video, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), IoT and industrial automation, smart cities and cloud transformation.

Light Reading is here to find out what he various players in the mobile broadband ecosystem are thinking: Check out the slide show below to see who was here on Day 1 and the key takeaways from their presentations.

RAN Evolution
The MBB Forum 2016 show floor in Tokyo gives and overview of some of the key themes of the event.
The MBB Forum 2016 show floor in Tokyo gives and overview of some of the key themes of the event.

t.bogataj 11/28/2016 | 3:11:17 AM
From human-centric to things-centric service (p. 19) Huh?

As a customer, I often have the impression that I am treated as a thing, not as human. Must be I live in the future already.

And -- I am still waiting for the internet of humans.

[email protected] 11/24/2016 | 8:36:54 AM
Playing nicely This has been Huawei's mantra for some time but I haven't heard it stressed so much and so many times as I have here in Tokyo today - that partnerships/collaboration/embracing an ecosystem is the only way to move forward, no matter what role you play in the communications landscape.

It's a compelling message - "no one company can do everything" "we all need to help each other" "the sum of the parts is greater" etc 

But... under what terms? what's the end goal? a Nice idea? an MoU? Some IPR?

It's going to take more than a slight cultural shift to get everyone on board and, even if they do, only a handful will have the resources to get involved in the way a company such as Huawei can.

The sentiment is great, obviously, but questions remain about the practise. 

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