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Donald Trump's administration is determined to halt China in its 5G tracks.
Donald Trump's administration is determined to halt China in its 5G tracks.

Cloud 4G 3/5/2020 | 6:30:28 PM
Excellent article - debuncts some of the O-RAN hype Open RAN, O-RAN, cloud-centric ... and the $1 billion drops of water in the worldwide wireless infrastructure bucket is erroneously being positioned as a solution to security, and lack of US-based network equipment suppliers.


A starting point would be to ask US and foreign incumbent operators who have the vast majority of viable spectra, market share, cash flows and capital needed to build and sustain competitive positions if they want to transition to O-RAN, how soon that might occur, and the process they would go through to get there: for new spectrum deployments of 5G NR or as a broad program to rip and replace existing hardware and software or somewhere in between.  


The push for O-RAN is coming from supliers outside of the mainstream who would like to shake up the incumbent supply chain so they can have a seat at the table.  Unless incumbents buy into O-RAN the market is for the new startup operators including Rakuten, DISH, and
soletelecoms 1/30/2020 | 8:03:45 PM
“Made in...” For open RAN radios and hardwares, it is not entirely correct to state these are all betting on China, Korea, Taiwan.

LimMicro is a company with a label "Made in UK" on both radios and hardware ie FPRF and CrowdCell. Don't think there are any others in UK, or indeed in countries mentioned above both with designing radios chips and hardware as such...
Godfree Roberts 1/30/2020 | 5:47:10 PM
Labor costs? "as manufacturing shifts to Asian markets where labor costs are lower."?

Actually, adjusted for benefits (40%) and productivity and adjusted for PPP, Chinese manufacturing wages are the same as–or higher than–America's.

Strange but true.
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