MWC 2019: What's Hot in 5G RAN

Heavy Reading's radio access network and 5G analyst supremo Gabriel Brown highlights open RAN (O-RAN) as one of the key topics he'll be digging into at this year's MWC.

Gabriel Brown 3/1/2019 | 12:18:43 PM
Re: Open systems Thanks for the comment. Needless to say, in terms of RAN systems, I don't agree. Open RAN has potential to accelerate innovation -- and this is very attractive -- but it is early days. Right now, the state-of-the-art vendor products are ahead of disaggregated systems. O-RAN has only recently announced the architecture and first interfaces.

The really interesting thing is how, and what rate, Open RAN systems can close the gap and then start to lead innovation, as has happened in some other networking domains (SDN, say?)
Y(J)S 2/25/2019 | 7:03:31 AM
Open systems Interesting comment about open systems being a generation (or two) behind proprietary ones. That might have once been the case, but certainly is no longer.

Open systems have outstripped proprietary ones, simply because vendors can not compete with the numbers of eyeballs and hands available in the open source community. The major vendors have caved in, and for several years we have been seeing them contributing to communities of open source and open specifications, such as OpenStack, ONAP, ONOS, CORD, LFN, O-RAN, OCP, and TIP. It seems that everthing of interest starts with a capital O nowadays. The trend has become so pervasive that even closed systems are being built using so called "Inner Source" methods.

The really interesting questions about Open systems is not their maturity as compared to proprietary systems, but their security and business models.

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