SlideshowMeet the Execs Tapped to Build & Sell Dish's 5G Network

Rouanne, left, and Bye(Source: Dish)
Rouanne, left, and Bye
(Source: Dish)

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Denny17Laws 4/5/2020 | 10:16:50 PM
5g is the absolute wizardry of the modern world! I think it will change everything that happens for sure! 

audi79676 3/21/2020 | 1:30:18 PM
Re: Tellthebell







audi79676 3/21/2020 | 1:14:19 PM
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audi79676 3/21/2020 | 1:14:02 PM
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maxwellerich9 3/2/2020 | 12:43:24 PM
Thank you! Thanks for your info. 
Vancouver Landscape Design 2/20/2020 | 2:58:24 PM
Hmmm....5G Not sure how I feel about 5G. I truly detest the possible health implications it will have on all of us and future generations...

ParramattaLC 1/29/2020 | 8:28:35 PM
Cant wait for 5G I run a small company and a lot of my clients use my online booking form! 5G is going to be a game changer in Australia!

josh711 12/10/2019 | 9:07:49 PM
5g! I can't wait for 5g to be realased everywhere! I live in the country in texas and we over pay for our internet for poor performance. It's really annoying at times espesscaily when you're trying to use the internet out here. I've been waiting for years for a company to bring out reliable high speed internet! I need reliable internet because my kids work on homework online and I run a local handyman business.
John1999 11/25/2019 | 1:56:53 PM
Some thoughts

I will take WiFi as the starting point to explain how 5G works. Most of have experienced WiFi in which internet service provider lay a cable to our house and provide connectivity to the world. You can make calls, watch TV, hvac santee, hvac san diego, hvac chula vista, do browsing, downloads/uploads etc. If you have high speed internet like 100Mbps, then you can further watch 4K video content from Netflix, Amazon prime etc. There is not a single difference between 5G and WiFi except name and the frequency band.

brielleluna 11/20/2019 | 4:03:01 AM
PS And I hope the wires and cables to be used for this will be as durable and as sturdy as vortex tubes. It is quite impossible, but I guess, it'll be possible if it's made possible.
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