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An invitation
T-Mobile is sending mailings to customers who are eligible for its Home Internet service.
T-Mobile is sending mailings to customers who are eligible for its Home Internet service.

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lylataylor 1/25/2020 | 4:26:28 AM
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Clifton K Morris 10/10/2019 | 5:54:48 AM
Re: One last thing... Probably happened when Russ Syracuse (supposed to buy property in Hawaii) fell through and Tim Keyser agreed with him.

These types of things can be set to budgets. They’re like the beat of a drum.

You only got the letter because Doug Chartier (Who is part owner of The Yard House Brewery near Colorado Mills Mall) and his wife Janet like beer as much as the former Governor of The State.

Most likely, Janet didn’t like playing a game of grab ass like The Kardashians or Andrew Christou.
Mike Dano 10/8/2019 | 11:15:36 AM
One last thing... It looks like the router is made by Askey Computer Corporation, a subsidiary of ASUS Computers.
biteater 10/4/2019 | 10:45:37 AM

I think T-Mobile should fix the black holes in rural areas in germany, first.

Their german custumers are paying $$$ (in contrast to italy or france, for example)

sponsoring with it their the US-expansion, but the cuteomer ist getting "0" .

It is not so funny to drive from (rural area) in the Netherland (with good 4G Signal)

over the border to (rural area) Germany and have no 3G or 4G Signal.


Mike Dano 10/3/2019 | 5:42:26 PM
The exec who is running this show Robert Gary, senior vice president of home & entertainment, reporting to COO Mike Sievert, is the T-Mobile exec in charge of this thing. T-Mobile just told me. 
Mike Dano 10/3/2019 | 11:50:22 AM
Re: Fixed Wireless Access Router Great question. I haven't gotten there yet, but stay tuned!
Scarter947 10/3/2019 | 11:31:19 AM
Re: Fixed Wireless Access Router Via a little research of my own, T-Mobile's router may be white labeled with their logo, but the manufacturer is Askey, a division of ASUS out of Taiwan.  Similar to Verizon, who white labels the 5G Home router which is manfactured by Inseego.  
Sentrix 10/3/2019 | 10:58:49 AM
Re: Fixed Wireless Access Router They're using their own:

Scarter947 10/2/2019 | 9:30:53 PM
Fixed Wireless Access Router Who's router is T-Mobile using for home internet or is that something you had to specifically omit from your article?
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