SlideshowHow Mobile 5G Could Affect In-Home Broadband

FastCache 7/30/2019 | 2:54:56 AM
Re: Impact on personal computers There are just no applications that would trigger a tablet renewal cycle.  Email, browsing, streaming and basic games work just fine on any decent tablet from the past few years.  Of course, extreme gaming requires a more specialized compute platform.
Mike Dano 7/29/2019 | 2:26:54 PM
Re: Impact on personal computers I suspect it’s people without laptops or with old laptops who only want to do email and light browsing and figure their phone is good enough. Tablet sales are mostly cratering from what I understand.
Kelsey Ziser 7/29/2019 | 2:07:31 PM
Impact on personal computers Do you think the decline in home broadband use also means that fewer consumers are purchasing personal laptops? Are tablets more popular? Are they foregoing both in favor of using their phone? Or do they just use their phone as a hotspot when they need to use their laptop?
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