Google Could Stitch 5G Into HetNet Future

Google is looking for an engineer who can test current and future wireless technologies -- including 5G -- so that it can further develop heterogeneous networks that knit different mobile technologies into a single entity.

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is currently advertising for a wireless systems engineer to investigate "mobile wireless technologies needed for tomorrow’s networks." This will include the latest 4G LTE networks and "solutions for next generation 5G systems."

For all the latest news on 5G, visit the 5G site here on Light Reading.

Google is also interested in heterogeneous networks that can transverse both public and private spectrum. This is keeping with the search giant's current approach to its own-brand Fi offering, which switches between public WiFi bands and licensed 4G spectrum. (See Google's WiFi-First Mobile Service 'Fi' Is Here.)

The prospects for networks in the US that use unlicensed spectrum -- or a combination of public and private bands -- recently got a shot in the arm. The FCC agreed to open up a massive 7GHz of unlicensed bandwidth between 64GHz and 71GHz for 5G applications. (See Ready, Set, Go! FCC Votes for First 5G Spectrum.)

It's quite possible that Google is interested in some of the super-charged WiFi-type applications, and more, that this huge public band could enable.

Google has looked for similar job candidates able to combine WiFi, 3G and 4G before through its Google Fiber Inc. operation. (See Google Searching for 5G Wireless Engineer.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 8/22/2016 | 11:19:12 AM
Re: Using Fi Finding clever and hopefully cost effective ways to move forward is certainly on Google's mind. Getting "heterogeneous networks that can transverse both public and private spectrum," seems to be one way to go, especially with the extra unregulated bandwidth to play around with in the next few years.
Gabriel Brown 8/15/2016 | 10:54:07 AM
Re: Using Fi How many GBs did you use that month?


tojofay 8/15/2016 | 9:45:57 AM
Re: Using Fi
Project Fi by Google
Your monthly statement
Here's a quick summary of your August 14 statement:
Your total is $25.59
tojofay 8/15/2016 | 9:30:22 AM
Re: Using Fi "if you're going to stay in a very small geographic window" This is false. You should try expanding your data beyond your friends. I travel back and forth acrosst the USA by car with very good results using Google Fi.
TV Monitor 8/15/2016 | 1:38:42 AM
SK Telecom commits to 28 Ghz Samsung 5G Verizon and SK Telecom to co-develop 5G specs

SK Telecom, South Korea's largest mobile carrier, and the United States' biggest telco Verizon will work together to develop 5G technical specifications, the companies have announced.


28 Ghz mmwave 5G program was led by KT, the government owned telco(aka the public option in telecommunication), while the privately owned SK Telecom with a 50% market share shyed away from a full deployment commitment until now.

The agreement calls for SK and Verizon to take the jointly standardized 5G and ram it through the 3GPP as the global 5G standard.

SK Telecom's commitment increases fully committed backers of Samsung 5G to three telcos, KT, Verizon, and SK.
danielcawrey 8/14/2016 | 7:05:23 PM
Using Fi I know some people who use Fi, and if you're going to stay in a very small geographic window it is a good service with low cost. 

My thinking is that this HetNet stuff is all about expanding Fi. 
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