SlideshowDon't Hold Your Breath for Laptops With 5G

EmilyNelson 2/5/2020 | 1:24:30 PM

I believe that 5G is the future of our world. Using mobile clouds can help to connect to more networks.
It's okay to pay more for 5G for companies. ESA companies are ready to get quality internet.

Digiital_Zone 12/28/2019 | 3:24:14 AM
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Jamesanderson22 12/28/2019 | 2:59:52 AM
Helpful Tips to Dog-Proof your Precious Christmas Decor

Having a dog at home? Great! But this also means that you will have to face a lot of interference from him when decorating the house for Christmas. Christmas tree and other decorations are beautiful and they are quite fascinating for Coco also.

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend time with all your dear and near ones. Coco is here to help you and make sure that you get a valid emotional support dog letter to live and spend each Christmas with your beloved canine family member.

However, having a pet dog or an emotional support dog at home does not mean that you cannot decorate your house or keep the decor safe from him. Below are some of the ways to make your Christmas decoration dog or Coco- proof.

1. Place your Tree Higher or Get a Raised Christmas Tree: Instead of putting the tree directly on the floor, place it higher. Placing it high will prevent Coco from reaching the decor and chewing in them.

2. Use a Baby Gate to Keep Coco Away: Using a baby gate to block the room or the area having the Christmas tree or the room filled with the gifts. Putting a baby gate will also keep kids and small children away from all the decor.

3. Do not Use Low Hanging Christmas Lights: These lights are quite attractive for Coco also. To avoid any electrocution accidents, steer clear of them and find some alternative.

4. Do not Use Low Hanging Decor: Just like the lights, these low hanging 'fruits' are quite attractive for your dog and before you even know, he will be chewing on them. This could be dangerous for him so keep them away.

5. Hang Breakable Decoration Higher: Hang your fragile decor and tree ornaments higher and out of the reach of your naughty pup. Hanging them higher will enhance their look and keep them safe also.

6. Keep Plants Away: If you are using plants for decoration, it is better to keep them away and out of the reach of your pooch. They make lovely decorations but are dangerous for your dog if he bites them. Keep them higher or somewhere where Coco cannot reach them.

7. Do not Put the Gifts Yet: Instead of placing the Christmas gifts at the foot of the tree just now, place them on the Christmas day only. These gifts are very attractive for Coco and you do not want him to chew and destroy them.

8. Avoid Edible Tree Decor: Do not add any edible treats as the tree decoration. Coco is very interested in the Christmas tree and adding sweet treats is just like inviting an unlikely accident but first of all get your  free emotional support animal letter .

Clifton K Morris 12/27/2019 | 3:52:10 PM
China and Germany I see a big push for 5G modems across Europe, where Audi-owned Volkswagen owns 5G spectrum licenses, and Bosch along with Siemens are following suit. In Germany, companies are able to secure even newer “Campus” 5G licenses that sell for about €130 annually. These “Campus” licenses are for buildings, offices, and manufacturing.

China is unique in that they have taken 5G a step further to mandate all phones/devices sold starting in 2020 support not only 5G bands but also “Campus”/private LTE networks.

The licenses themselves are to be sold in a manner which is supposed to be similar to US CBRS “PAL” licenses, but with company deployment similar to WiFi. The 3GPP is including these new licenses as part of 5G Standalone/Release 16. Here’s a video featuring Balazs Bertenyi, RAN Chair, 3GPP, and Deligate from Nokia that describes 5G wave 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BV1wWw5C4s