SlideshowChickens & Eggs Frustrate Operators' Quest for 5G Revenues

Mike Dano 10/28/2019 | 10:22:30 AM
Re: Help! Any channel to acquire a 134-page report on 5G from Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Sure! It's called "Global 5G primer – looking for the Killer App" dated Sept. 9 and the lead analyst is Frederic Boulan.
DJF5 10/22/2019 | 4:08:38 PM
5G Revenues in Cell Towers How do these projections factor into Cell Tower owner revenues?  Outside of increased lease amounts, are there more vendors needing space.  Do areas such as Dish Network or any of the Healthcare and Banking areas need physical space on towers.  As the media giants buy each other out, the need to expand my tenents becomes the focal point of future business for me.  i was just curious of the impacts of 5G.
Thaddeus17 10/18/2019 | 12:56:54 PM
Great synthesis of many data points @Mike Dano: Great job pulling together many data points and presenting a frame around enterprise revenue growth opportunities for the CSP's.  Surprising that Merrill Lynch estimates 55% of 5G enterprise market will be in manufacturing and automtove.  Nice work on the information.
Jim P 10/18/2019 | 9:56:01 AM
Not sexy, but... Why wouldn't Verizon use their 5G capacity in Houston, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami suburbs to offset the $75-150/ month per circuit costs they incur for each enterprise last mile connectivity circuit?  It would certainly make the SD WAN product more elastic/ competitive (vs DSL or even cable modem) and, while not a leading use case, would certainly provide lower opex (higher EBITDAs).  They do not publicly disclose their annual spending on special access circuits, but I think it's safe to assume they could take $400-500 million out of 3rd party opex annually and likely improve their competitive standing.  

Not good for CenturyLink or Spectrum/ Comcast, but a backstop for sure for Verizon Business.  
alex.xing 10/17/2019 | 11:10:54 PM
Re: Verizon 5G Home Relaunch - 2019? Verizon's FWA based on mmWave will lengthen the period of ROI, I dont think it has promising commercial value as the cost is much  higher compared to sub-6G bands.

Instead, Operators who have successful FWA business are all using n40/n41/n77.

Actually, FWA is still a B2C use case, not a real B2B one.
Scarter947 10/17/2019 | 5:09:55 PM
Re: Verizon 5G Home Relaunch - 2019? Thanks as to your question "How exactly are 5G providers going to make money on this thing?" I believe Fixed Wireless Access is the lowest hanging fruit especially with Millenials and how they access content.  Maybe we'll learn more at MWC in LA next week.  Cheers!
Mike Dano 10/17/2019 | 4:43:25 PM
Re: Verizon 5G Home Relaunch - 2019? Great question, and one that I have wondered myself frankly. I honestly don't know. Maybe they'll relaunch in the locations that don't need the extended range from the chip, and then expand next year into the locations that need it, when it's available?
Scarter947 10/17/2019 | 4:37:46 PM
Verizon 5G Home Relaunch - 2019? As you stated, Verizon has committed to re-launch 5G Home service by the end of 2019.  Qualcomm has announced their X55 Snapdragon chip and improved antennas which will be commercially available in 2020.  That indicates that Verizon's relaunch will be with another "temporary" solution/CPE equipment until the X55 is incorporated.  I realize that companies can't continue to wait on technology to launch services, but do you think this will be another test launch of 5G Home?  Going from a 5G proprietary device to a 5G NR X50 chip to a 5G NR X55 chip in a manner of 18 months comes with increased costs.  Or do you believe the launch in 2019 will accelerate with a X55 chip?     
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