AT&T's CTO on Edge Compute & the Power of Low Latency

The power of latency will be "the next new thing" to change the landscape of mobility, according to AT&T CTO Andre Fuetsch. The carrier sees edge compute on 5G as the vehicle for NFV and automation and, importantly, its ability to monetize new services like AR/VR, connected cars and more. In a wide-ranging interview, produced in partnership with AppMedia, Fuetsch also provides an update on ONAP, the open source network operating system that AT&T says will speed up innovation and reduce costs.

danielcawrey 9/13/2017 | 6:16:54 PM
Cloud vs. IoT There's a big difference in terms of latency for certain applications. IoT is low latency, whereas cloud is moving into a world where complex apps need to run as if they do natively. That's where high latency is important, but can leave some low latency room for connected devices. 
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