AT&T Wants a Mobile 5G Test in Burbank

AT&T is applying to hold a mobile 5G test in California ahead of its potential mobile 5G launch late this year.

The operator has applied to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for an experimental radio license to hold tests in Burbank, Calif. using 28GHz basestations and terminals, connecting within 100 meters of the basestation.

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) plans to roll out 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) -compliant 5G in 12 markets by the end of the year, likely using 39GHz or 28GHz spectrum. It has named Atlanta; Dallas; and Waco, Texas as its initial 5G markets. (See AT&T Reveals Initial 5G Cities.)

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AT&T wants to start the test on May 15 and run it for a month. AT&T appears to be trying to open up its 28GHz tests and seems to be ramping up attempts to test 28GHz basestations. For instance, it has also applied for a similar test in Dallas, which was supposed to start in February but hasn't been approved yet.

The FCC is now on track to hold a 28GHz auction in November, opening up vast swathes of millimeter wave spectrum for 5G use in the next few years. (See Trump Bill Paves Way for US 5G Spectrum Auction Later in 2018.)

AT&T wants to show the tech off at its SHAPE conference un Los Angeles in early June.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 4/15/2018 | 4:07:44 PM
Re: AT&T Wants a Mobile 5G Test in Burbank coverage for LA onlg It will be interesting to watch the test and see how that projected football field distance from the antenna works out over varying geographical area with differening radio wave obstructions. Seems to me that might be reaching a bit in some situations.
Isaac George Prevette ITC 4G 4/8/2018 | 2:31:20 PM
AT&T Wants a Mobile 5G Test in Burbank coverage for LA onlg Does this 5G AT&T test in Burbank cover all of Los Angeles?

Can somone with an iPhone X or Samsung S9 use this

5G net in San Francisco & Silicon Valley & Apple Park or along the

California coastal areas  or even inland north of LA?

What is the acutal range of the AT&T 5G test net operation?

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Michelle 3/31/2018 | 8:53:42 PM
Re: For a demo the following month? It seems there are plenty of other issues with test deadlines -- enough to cause even more problems. The Feb test in Dallas should be a clue. Perhaps more time is needed (for many reasons).
Joe Stanganelli 3/30/2018 | 5:40:33 PM
For a demo the following month? They want to run the test on May 15 because they want to show it off in early June.

Seems like a conflict of interest that could ultimately wind up shooting themselves in the foot. Any problem that arises, large or small, invites corner-cutting and disingenuousness.
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