Apple: No Word on 5G Devices Yet

Apple executives aren't yet commenting on any 5G device releases, despite analysts expecting the first next-generation gear from the iconic manufacturer will arrive in 2020.

"We don't comment on future products," said CEO Tim Cook on the company's third quarter earnings call on Tuesday night. "You know, with respect to 5G, I do think most people would tell you, it's sort of the extremely early innings of it. And even more so on a global basis. So we couldn't be more proud of what our lineup is and we're excited about the great pipeline of both hardware and software and we wouldn't trade our position for anyone's."

Nonetheless, many industry watchers expect that 5G iPhones will start to arrive in 2020, equipped with Qualcomm 5G modems.

Later, Apple is supposed to produce its own 5G modems, thanks to its recent $1 billion purchase of Intel's smartphone modem business.

Apple reported revenues of $53.8 billion, up by 1% year-on-year, for the three months ending June 29. That slight bump was mainly due to increasing sales of services and wearables/accessories.

Why this matters
Apple saw its iPhone sales decline this quarter: Revenues from the iPhone dropped around 12% percent year-on-year, to roughly $26 billion. A 5G iPhone could help to revitalize its smartphone sales.

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— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

tyrellcorp 7/31/2019 | 3:20:30 PM
5G is overkill for mobile 5G is great as a fixed wireless competitor to an ISP if you can get a signal but not so great for mobile. 5G phones burns battery faster, is costlier, doesn't cover all bands yet and most don't need extra high speeds. I have Gigabit wifi at home and my phone rarely pulls over 100Mbps, which 4G can do if enough backhaul. There isn't an app that needs more than 10Mbps. 5G for mobile benefits carriers by adding more capacity, not users so much otherwise. Apple doesn't need to rush.
ajwdct 7/31/2019 | 11:37:43 AM
Apple did not attend July ITU-R WP5D/IMT 2020 meeting Previously, Apple sent a delegate to ITU-R WP5D meetings where IMT 2020 is being standardized.  There was no Apple representation at this past month's Brazil 5D meeting.

Over 2 years ago, Apple applied for an experimental license from the FCC to test next-gen "5G" wireless technologies as per this IEEE Techblog post:

Apple to test "5G" in Cupertino & Milpitas, CA