5G4REAL: Rubik's Cube Is No Match for 5G

Verizon, AT&T and other network operators provided updates on the state of their 5G rollouts at the sixth annual Brooklyn 5G Summit, hosted by NYU Wireless and Nokia. The exhibitors showcased advanced millimeter wave technology applications, but we think using 5G to solve a Rubik's cube is the best use case yet.

lavender.arvixe.com 5/1/2019 | 9:34:26 AM
5G vital importance of software A year or so back most folks were greatly suspicious of 5G because it looked like a huge dependance on mmWave. But soon potential subsystem providers began to appreciate that sub-6 GHz could step in as the lynch-pin for many highly effective 5G networks - with a very important proviso: SOFTWARE. Software like edge computing, NFV and AI (combined with mMIMO). Now these techniques are fully available and are embedded within almost all 5G networks. Looks like mmWave may remain just a minority interest, relatively specking?
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