Slideshow5G in Laptops, Watches, Tablets & More? Analysts Are Divided

Source: Strategy Analytics
Source: Strategy Analytics

Kimkim0071 1/31/2020 | 5:30:30 AM
Really?? Call me tin foil hat guy, but after hearing that several children got diagnosed with cancer after a 5G mast was erected near a school, I do not think we should implement it. I think the 4G we have now works just fine. No need to exaggerate it.


Kim //


IreneP12 8/28/2019 | 8:30:08 AM
Wont work I don't think that this new 5G will be a success. They should work on perfecting 4G before launching another unfinished product.

Irene / Cykelgalleri
aetechshop 7/25/2019 | 3:35:10 AM
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