5G Hype: An Early Inflation

Will "5G" become a worthless term before the next generation of wireless communications technology is even defined?

Could be...

Smart Communications Inc. , an operator in the Philippines, is being called out for marketing its newly launched LTE-Advanced service as "5G" in ads. Peter Bryer engagingly calls it "generation inflation" in a CCS Insight blog on the topic.

It's nothing new, of course -- LTE-Advanced was originally defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as one of the first actual real 4G technologies. Many carriers, however, marketed everything from 3G HSPA+ to LTE and WiMax as "4G," and the ITU backpedaled on the definition (See The Battle of FauxG, 3GPP Stands Firm on LTE-Advanced, Why You Should Care About LTE-Advanced (Eventually) and ITU Backtracks on '4G' Definition.)

Follow the birth of a wireless standard on our 5G channel.

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology, of course, isn't even standardized yet. We're just starting to get a picture of some of the technical elements that might make up the eventual standard. The earliest operators are expecting to deploy the technology is 2020. (See Radio Revolutions on the Road to 5G and The 5G Landgrab.)

So, just remember: If a nice operator tries to sell you its new service as "5G," that just can't be so. It's even not close to 2020 yet.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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melao2 12/10/2014 | 2:40:59 PM
Re: Obsolete Long term legacy technology. :)
[email protected] 12/10/2014 | 2:30:55 PM
Re: Obsolete LTE will be around  along time.

5G will not replace 4G -- whatever 5G will be will work alonside 4G.
melao2 12/10/2014 | 1:29:40 PM
Re: Obsolete I wonder if the LTE was good choice in naming, because if we are talking about 5G it means that LTE is not long term at all :)
pzernik 12/9/2014 | 5:21:32 PM
Re: 5G Hype I think by that time the marketeers will be calling it LTE Advanced.  The G's will be completety worn out.
abucek 8/26/2014 | 1:59:42 PM
Re: 5G Hype I think AT&T and Apple started some of the confustion : The Ridiculous Trick AT&T And Apple Are Playing On iPhone 4S Owners, by using the technological standard for the name of the product.  I remember people asking me if they would be able to use their Apple 3G phone on a 4G network.  

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/iphone-4s-att-4g-2012-3#ixzz3BWPhjyjt


mendyk 8/26/2014 | 11:30:33 AM
Re: 5G Hype Will we still have functioning brains when 7G is ready for commercial deployment?
Gabriel Brown 8/26/2014 | 11:10:17 AM
Re: 5G Hype Hi Phil -- Yes, but we're not necessarily talking about Joe Public here. A new global RAN technology is a HUGE, collaborative effort. Organizations needs to understand the scope, evaluate the options, partner, co-develop, and so on. This get called hype, but it's not. It is useful work that contrbutes to the end service a consumer buys 10 years later.

Edit: Oh I remember 2.5G. That's what you get today in the UK when you wander outside the cities. It's great for holidays. Not so much for productive work.
Gabriel Brown 8/26/2014 | 11:05:05 AM
Re: 5G Hype Hi kq4ym -- Yes, but it's useful to think about the motivations for promoting (hyping) 5G now. You can make a case it's not too soon. Here's a slide from a recent presentation I gave:

DanJones 8/26/2014 | 10:41:18 AM
Re: 5G Hype 7G is where they download the app straight into your brain.
Steve Saunders 8/26/2014 | 10:29:33 AM
Re: 5G Hype 6G? Pffff. 7G is where the smart money is. 
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