1.4B 5G Connections by 2025? Analysts Say Yes

Juniper Research is predicting that 5G connections will blow through the billion mark within six years of the next-gen networks launching in 2019.

Juniper Research Ltd. forecasted this week that there will be "1.4 billion 5G connections by 2025, an increase from just 1 million in 2019, the anticipated first year of commercial launch." This will represent an average annual growth of 232%, the firm says.

4G LTE networks passed 1 billion subscribers in 2016, according to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) . The first 4G networks were launched in 2009.

Note the difference here: Juniper is predicting over a billion "connections" not "subscribers." It expects many of these connections will be Internet of Things (IoT) devices -- like connected cars -- rather than live, human mobile phone subscribers.

Juniper expects that China, the US and Japan will have 55% of all global 5G connections in the world by 2025. The firm finds that "the US alone will account for over 30% of global 5G IoT connections by 2025, with the highest number of 5G connections for fixed wireless broadband and automotive services."

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 8/28/2017 | 2:23:15 PM
Re: ARPU? That may well be an accurate prediction if IoT "connections are included. Our small town SW Florida city council this week approved a 45 tower along the main state highway through town for a 5G installation predicted by the vendor to be operating around 2020. That would be our towns highest structure in the community of 6000.
DanJones 8/16/2017 | 5:50:27 PM
Re: ARPU? Yeah, caps and 5G is going to be the big question for the everyday consumer.
KBode 8/16/2017 | 5:44:29 PM
Re: ARPU? Yeah, and I'm still stuck wondering how much this advancement will wind up costing consumers, and whether caps will remain a thing of the past with the added efficiencies.
DanJones 8/16/2017 | 5:29:46 PM
ARPU? Still fascinated to get some handle on what the ARPU will be 5G IoT stuff like sensors...
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