Telenor Updates on 4G

FORNEBU, Norway -- Telenor has now brought 4G to 100 municipalities and more than half of Norway's population now has 4G where they live.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile telephony, providing download speeds of up to 10 times those of standard mobile telephony.

"We are delighted that we now have the highest percentage of 4G coverage on the market. In total, Telenor will have rolled out approximately 2,300 base stations over the year, and the rate of expansion during the last two months has been over 300 base stations per month. 100 municipalities with 4G is an important milestone, while we continue our expansion efforts with just as much ambition into next year," says CEO of Telenor Norway, Berit Svendsen.

Telenor has almost 500,000 active 4G customers on its 4G network, and virtually all sales of smartphones are now 4G phones.

Telenor Group (Nasdaq: TELN)

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