T-Mob's Legere Unleashed: 'Total Chaos at Sprint'

Hey-o! T-Mobile's CEO is now fully unleashed to poke fun at rival Sprint, following the end of a possible $32 billion merger between the two operators.

So the ebullient John Legere has taken to his favorite medium of public address, Twitter Inc. , to -- surprise, surprise -- trash-talk the dramatic events at the third-ranked US operator this morning. (See Hesse Out, Claure In: Sprint Is Son's House Now!.)

"If you needed just one more reason to leave Sprint and join T Mobile," Legere tweeted Wednesday. "Now you might just have it....total Chaos at Sprint!"

Legere also advised new Sprint CEO Marcello Claure to tell people how to pronounce his now name now. "Looks like @sprint has a new #framily member... and he's got a lot of framily therapy to do, asap," tweeted Legere, tweaking Sprint for its "framily" ads, which feature a talking hamster father figure, among other things. (See Sprint Appoints Claure As New CEO and Sprint, T-Mobile: The Price War's On.)

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Of course, T-Mobile US Inc. still needs to figure out how to grow faster to take on its larger rivals if a Sprint deal isn't happening now. On its recent second-quarter call, a more measured-sounding Legere stressed that T-Mobile has "multiple versions of things" it can do to grow "inorganically." He also stated, "This company is not in need of doing something to be successful in the short or medium term." (See Does T-Mobile Need Sprint to Scale?.)

Not all investors are convinced, it seems: T-Mobile's shares are down $2.89 -- or 8.55% -- at $31.01 in Wednesday afternoon trading.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

Liz Greenberg 8/7/2014 | 2:34:34 PM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... Exactly...both awards.  Hear that our beloved friends and editors at LR...Loose Cannon and Foot-in-Mouth awards for next year.
mendyk 8/7/2014 | 2:29:25 PM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... I prefer the Loose Cannon -- armed and dangerous -- rather than the foot in mouth, which is more about general buffoonery. Not that these categories are mutually exclusive -- any supposedly responsible adult who uses Twitter to spout opinions clearly would be in the running for both awards.
Liz Greenberg 8/7/2014 | 2:27:39 PM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... Well said Dan but that is true of all industries.  It is rare that an investor really understands what it takes to make the product - especially in high tech, biotech, etc.  They only see $$$$
Liz Greenberg 8/7/2014 | 2:26:32 PM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... Great suggestion...can we call it the "foot in mouth" award or can we have that in addition to your proposed Loose Cannon Award?
mendyk 8/7/2014 | 9:48:57 AM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... Dear LR Editors (and you are all dear to me): For the next Leading Lights, can we please PLEASE have a Loose Cannon Award for the CEO most likely to say something that will make his or her handlers run for the Rolaids?
DanJones 8/6/2014 | 10:01:45 PM
Re: The Un-carrier stands alone... Subscriber numbers are easy for investors to understand, how to make the networks work properly, not so much.
mhhf1ve 8/6/2014 | 7:31:16 PM
The Un-carrier stands alone... Not sure Sprint would have absorbed T-Mobile that well, anyway... But investors like to see a larger customer base, even if there are problems with network overlap and incompatible networks.
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