Sprint CTO Goes Bye-Bye

Sprint's Stephen Bye has resigned from his CTO position, even as the operator undertakes the latest in a series of wireless network updates.

Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) first told FierceWireless that Bye is leaving, and a spokeswoman confirmed the departure to Light Reading. He had been with the operator since 2011.

Bye was one of the driving forces behind Sprint's "Network Vision" 3G and 4G upgrade. He is now leaving, however, as the operator attempts to make its network coverage and capacity much denser with small cells on the 2.5GHz band. (See Stephen Bye: Sprint's Network Visionary and Sprint Plans to Meld TDD, FDD LTE Spectrum.)

New Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure claimed in May that the new "Next-Generation Network" strategy will make the network ranked first or second in the every US market within the next two years. (See Sprint CEO Claims Next-Gen Network Will Be #1.)

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There have been a lot of management changes at Sprint since SoftBank Corp. took the helm at the company. In November last year, SoftBank's Junichi Miyakawa come on board as technical chief operating officer, with Bye and Network Chief John Saw reporting to him. (See Sprint Taps Brazilian Mobile Exec to Head Innovation and More Executive Shake-Ups at Sprint .)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

thebulk 6/29/2015 | 11:24:41 AM
Re: Bye Bye, Bye I am not sure if its really better, but its something.... 
bosco_pcs 6/24/2015 | 1:12:42 PM
Re: Bye Bye, Bye Is the network really better as the CEO claims? Before Softbank, Vision was supposed to be one of the reasons for sub retention. So what now? Would the buildout continue? Accelerate? be considered done? Or changed? It appears S is getting some Japanese engineering knowhow so maybe there is not a whole lot to do anyway
thebulk 6/23/2015 | 11:24:48 PM
Re: Bye Bye, Bye I think Softbank is taking the right route, if they want to change culture and turn the company around then changes have to come from the top down. 
mhhf1ve 6/23/2015 | 9:42:02 PM
Sprint has a tough road ahead... Sprint needs to consolidate its various networks that it's acquired over the years, and it may have a harder time keeping its subscribers if it follows through on its warning that its unlimited data plans aren't going to stick around for much longer.
mhhf1ve 6/23/2015 | 9:36:19 PM
His last name was the first clue... Seriously, though... This guy's position wasn't going to last.
Sarah Thomas 6/23/2015 | 5:18:31 PM
Bye Bye, Bye Rumors first started circulating the Bye was leaving Sprint almost a year ago. I think the writing was on the wall with the new execs Softbank brought on, plus the new network plans. Sprint's network wasn't moving fast enough. 
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