RootMetrics: Sprint Ranked Last in Wireless in Kansas City

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- In a new report released today, T-Mobile and Verizon remain locked in a tie for the title of top-performing overall mobile network in Kansas City for the second consecutive time. The two carriers also ranked first for both network reliability and network speed. Since the previous round of RootMetrics testing in May, Verizon deployed its Advanced Wireless Services spectrum (AWS) in the area, and Verizon's median download and upload speeds improved compared to results found in May. T-Mobile, meanwhile, edged past AT &T on the Network Reliability Index to share the top rank for reliability with Verizon. That's according to independent mobile analytics firm RootMetrics, which measures mobile performance of the four major national carriers with tests designed to replicate real-world consumer behavior.

The Overall performance category includes results across data, call, and text testing; the top-performing network(s) is awarded the Overall RootScore Award. A good Overall RootScore means strong overall coverage and a good consumer experience.

The final RootMetrics Overall Performance RootScore rankings for Kansas City:

1 -- T-Mobile (98.3)
1 -- Verizon (97.7)
3 -- AT &T (95.9)
4 -- Sprint (94.6)

Network Reliability and Speed
RootMetrics measures network reliability and speed to give consumers a clear and holistic view of each network's performance in these key areas of mobile usage. The Reliability Index is based on a combination of results from data, call, and text tests, while the Speed Index includes data and text results. Looking at the network reliability and speed indices in conjunction with Overall RootScores offers the most comprehensive look at a typical experience in Kansas City.

T-Mobile and Verizon shared the #1 position in network reliability with scores of 99.6 and 99.1, respectively. During the previous two visits to Kansas City, Verizon and AT &T ranked highest in network reliability. T-Mobile and Verizon also ranked highest on the Network Speed Index.

Reliability Index rankings:
1 -- T-Mobile (99.6) 1 -- Verizon (99.1) 3 -- AT &T (98.7) 4 -- Sprint (97.8)

Speed Index rankings:
1 -- T-Mobile (93.2) 1 -- Verizon (92.3) 3 -- AT &T (85.9) 4 -- Sprint (82.7)

"In Kansas City, we're seeing intense competition between the carriers in terms of network reliability, with strong results across the board," said Bill Moore, RootMetrics CEO. "Verizon and T-Mobile currently share distinction as the most reliable networks in the area, but AT &T and Sprint are close behind. The competition is tight, and that's great news for consumers."


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