NTT's 4G: Faster Than a Speeding Shrimp?

Nothing says blazing fast 4G like tiny crustaceans shooting through the air and into fountains of flour and flame, does it?

Massive Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo Inc. (NYSE: DCM) certainly seems to think so. The forward-thinking service provider is advertising its LTE network with this simply awesome video -- first spotted by The Verge -- of a shrimp cannon in action:

To be fair, NTT DoCoMo's 4G network is pretty damn fast. The company launched its first 4G service using features from the LTE-Advanced specification last year, which hits 150 Mbit/s peaks on the download. (See NTT DOCOMO Spreads Xi LTE to Mt. Fuji.)

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The one thing we're just not quite sure about yet is how this translates into downloads of flying fishy-bits-per-second (Fbit/s).

— Dan Jones, Surf 'n' Turf Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 12/3/2014 | 2:06:25 PM
Re: Hard-core prawn Note the dumplings at the end? Maybe that's next challenge?


Wrapping dumplings in the air=5G? It would certainly be impressive.
mendyk 12/3/2014 | 11:28:46 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn What's surprising is the test bed is fundamentally flawed. Tempura isn't flame-broiled. I'm guessing this bit didn't get run past the culinary engineering department.
R Clark 12/3/2014 | 10:19:25 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn A landmark in tempura-themed mobile telecoms advertising. 
Susan Fourtané 12/3/2014 | 7:57:54 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn Paul, 

Yes, aerodynamics, too. That little tail of prawn probably has something to do with it. :) And, don't forget that beef has more fat than prawn, which makes beef heavier and slower. 

Kruz 12/3/2014 | 7:02:47 AM
Re: LTE shrimp I would not want to use 4g after seeing this movie and I dont seem to understand it as well ...
PaulERainford 12/3/2014 | 4:50:06 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn Ah, of course Susan, what was I thinking... I think there may have been a problem with the beef's aerodynamics too.
Susan Fourtané 12/3/2014 | 1:05:19 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn Paul,

"Vodafone tried this in the UK with a joint of beef but it just wasn't the same."

That's because beef is not as cool as prawn, or maybe Vodafone's 4G is not as fast as NTT's? 

DanJones 12/2/2014 | 11:57:26 AM
Re: Hard-core prawn Better than BT, they just threw some prawn cocktail crisps (that's chips to y'all American readers) across the room. ;-)
PaulERainford 12/2/2014 | 11:40:28 AM
Hard-core prawn Vodafone tried this in the UK with a joint of beef but it just wasn't the same.
DanJones 12/2/2014 | 11:21:24 AM
Re: LTE shrimp I wouldn't overthink it, it is what it is... which is awesome.
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