Marketing Verizon's Double-Wide 4G in NYC

Oh hey, weren't some of you wondering how Verizon is marketing its new XLTE service to subscribers and potential customers?

Here's what I spotted tramping around 14th Street in New York City recently:

Fairly straightforward right? "Double the 4G LTE bandwidth in NYC." I suppose that all depends on whether the average user -- if there is such a thing -- understands what 4G LTE bandwidth is in the first place. Still, people understand that bigger and faster is better, right? (See More 4G Muddling: Verizon Brands AWS XLTE.)

The XLTE ad is certainly not the oddest marketing effort I saw in my wanderings downtown. Check this out:

It's meat you can drink! Or, at least, an orange-flavored "beef protein isolate."

Sounds just too tasty, right?

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

sarahthomas1011 5/29/2014 | 10:33:37 AM
marketing I've seen a lot of commercials for XLTE in Chicago too. As long as it sticks to the markets where it really has the spectrum and benefits, then I suppose it's straightforward enough. 

As for the protein...yikes, not even bigger and stronger can help there.
KBode 5/29/2014 | 1:59:50 PM
Capacity or speed This is largely going to be a capacity improvement for NYC, right? No speed improvement? 
DanJones 5/29/2014 | 2:11:56 PM
Re: Capacity or speed That's my understanding so far, yes.
DanJones 5/29/2014 | 2:12:01 PM
Re: Capacity or speed That's my understanding so far, yes.
Mitch Wagner 5/29/2014 | 3:38:15 PM
Mix I wonder if they can somehow mix LTE and drinkable meat. 
pcharles09 5/29/2014 | 9:10:59 PM
Re: Capacity or speed I think so. It'll be a good eye-catcher though so seems like it's worth it.
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