Looking for lightRadio

3:00 AM -- BARCELONA -- Mobile World Congress 2012 -- Wim Sweldens, president of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU)'s wireless division, told a press gathering here that we would have a hard time seeing the lightRadios deployed around Fira because they are so small an unobtrusive. (See AlcaLu lightRadios Go Live at MWC , lightRadio: Stealing, Security & Lockdown and Telefonica Sees the Light(Radio).)

Naturally, we took that as a challenge and set out in search of the little base stations. Here's what we found:

— Michelle Donegan, European Editor, Light Reading Mobile

gtchavan 12/5/2012 | 5:40:58 PM
re: Looking for lightRadio I personally rather not have my cell phone blasting radiation talking to a cell tower a mile away.
jggveth 12/5/2012 | 5:40:54 PM
re: Looking for lightRadio Totally agree but unfortunate naming since small cell cancer is very bad news.
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