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LightSquared to GPS Industry: Get Bent

Dan Jones
LR Mobile News Analysis
Dan Jones, Mobile Editor

LightSquared said Tuesday evening that it has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking for a ruling on its rights to use L-Band spectrum for its hybrid satellite and terrestrial network and declaring that unlicensed GPS receivers have no right to interference protection.

The filing, which you can read here, states that the FCC has had the GPS industry on notice for eight years that LightSquared -- or its predecessors -- could build a network in the licensed L-Band spectrum. Yet, vendors continued to build GPS devices that look into LightSquared's allocated bandwidth.

Therefore, any interference happening is the GPS industry's fault, because their devices "are purposefully designed to look into LightSquared’s licensed spectrum," said Jeff Carlisle, LightSquared’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs, in a prepared statement.

"Commercial GPS receivers are not licensed, do not operate under any service rules, and thus are not entitled to any interference protection whatsoever," LightSquared writes in its petition to the agency.

The aggressively worded petition follows a joint statement released Wednesday from the U.S. departments of transportation and defense, which said that tests found that the network could cause "harmful interference to the majority of other tested general purpose GPS receivers."

LightSquared has said that the tests didn't take into account the company's plan to reduce the transmit power of the LTE base stations.

Why this matters
This is lightSquared's most upfront attempt yet to get the FCC to make a concrete decision on its proposed LTE network. The prospects for the network launch have appeared to dim recently after the recent tests and suggestions that the military will have more of a say in the future of the service.

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Keep up with the fast-moving LightSquared space opera below:

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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12/5/2012 | 4:45:38 PM
re: LightSquared to GPS Industry: Get Bent

The terrestrial waiver was always conditioned upon non interference with existing gps systems.

Does anyone really believe that Lightsquared stands a chance of building a network when the DOD and the FAA along with some hundred or so private companies alligned against them?&nbsp; Some of those are heavyweights also like John Deere, Fedex, UPS, etc.

LightSquared paid squat for the spectrum because it was never intended for terrestrial use. If it was it would have been auctioned off for a boatload of cash.


12/5/2012 | 4:45:38 PM
re: LightSquared to GPS Industry: Get Bent

You are not accurate because this isn't about handsets, it's about the network. &nbsp; Buidling a satellite network with ancillary terrestrial to assure coverage is significantly more expensive than terrestrial. &nbsp; Lightsquared knew that which is why they tried to pull of their scam. &nbsp; Why they belong in the league of MCI is their supposed competitive advantage is only because they would be allowed to build out a terrestrial network, but only have paid the license cost for a satellite network. &nbsp; With all due respect, every one in the industry knows that. &nbsp; Watch the Wells notices start coming to Phil, Sanjiv and friends before this is all over. &nbsp; &nbsp;

The real question is did they tell their investors what they actually knew????????? &nbsp; &nbsp;If it's not Wells notices, it will be lawsuits from their investors. &nbsp; &nbsp;


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