LightSquared Claims GPS Solution Coming Soon

A LightSquared executive at the Mobile Future Forward show in Seattle Monday claimed that the company's GPS problem will soon be resolved. "We are at the end of the process and we expect the FCC to make a decision," said Martin Harriman, LightSquared executive vice president, according to Fierce Wireless. "We have made some big concessions. ... Sprint wouldn't sign this big deal if it didn't expect it to be resolved. I expect there to be a resolution in the next month." The Reston, Va.-based operator has now proposed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that it limits the power transmissions of its L-Band LTE base stations on the ground to mitigate GPS interference while using new filter technology to protect precision GPS receivers.

TMF Associates Inc. analyst Tim Farrar, however, suggests in his blog that the cost and time it would take to actually implement any filter across the installed base of precision GPS equipment could still be crippling for LightSquared.

Why this matters
LightSquared's deal with Sprint and multiple other wholesale agreements hang on a resolution of the GPS issue. Sprint is supposed to announce more about its 4G strategy, which includes LightSquared spectrum, on Oct. 7.

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Read up on the GPS fight:

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Light Reading Mobile

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