Korean Ops Do LTE-A With NSN

SEOUL -- Three major South Korean operators, SK Telecom, LG U+ and Korea Telecom, are the world’s first operators to launch LTE-Advanced commercially. Using the capabilities of Nokia Solutions and Network’s Flexi Multiradio Base Stations, the operators have implemented LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation with a simple software upgrade. This innovative software feature enables the operators’ subscribers across the country to enjoy significantly faster data rates.

South Korea is the most advanced country in the world in terms of LTE adoption. As the number of smartphone and mobile internet users continues to grow, operators need to find innovative ways of responding to the demand for bandwidth. NSN has brought the benefits of LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation to SK Telecom, LG U+ and Korea Telecom, helping them reach up to 150 Mbps throughput by dynamically combining the resources of the two LTE frequency bands that each of the operators has. The carrier aggregation feature doubles the data rates compared to those before the upgrade.

Carrier aggregation is one of the key functionalities of LTE-Advanced and will ultimately enable aggregated bandwidths of up to 100 MHz. Wider spectrum directly translates into higher peak data rates and increased average data rates for mobile users, which allows the operators to provide more attractive services. As more spectrum and compatible end-user devices become available, carrier aggregation offers a straightforward path for gradually increasing data rates.

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Shantanu Bhattacharya 9/9/2013 | 3:41:36 AM
Korean Ops Do LTE-A with NSN Congratulations to NSN for LTE-A deliveries in Soth Korea. Operators in Soth Korea are doing everything possible to push LTE-A to it's max limit. The bandwidth availability there is big catalyst to this game.
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