India Telecom 2010: Power to the Broadband

6:15 AM -- NEW DELHI -- India Telecom 2010 -- Broadband, as you'd expect, dominates conversations here in New Delhi, in meetings and on the show floor on day two (which is slightly better attended than day one), with all flavors of mobile broadband dominating proceedings. High-speed fixed broadband also gets a look-in, though.

There's plenty of discussion about how the impending flood of 3G services will (or won't) change the market, while the vendor community is on tenterhooks about the technology choices of those operators that this year were awarded BWA (broadband wireless access) licenses. Basically, the choice is between WiMax and Long Term Evolution Time Division Duplex (LTE TDD), and all the major equipment firms are talking up their chances of landing significant deals. Look out for further Light Reading Asia coverage on this topic. (See Analyst: LTE TDD Will Reach India in 2011, Reliance Gives Impetus to LTE TDD in India, and All WiMax Eggs in Reliance Basket.)

Also prominent on the show floor is access equipment vendor Alphion Corp. , which is showing off its GPON engagements in India. (See Alphion Finds GPON Success in India and Orckit Joins BSNL Rollout.)

In terms of the exhibition stands in the two halls here, once you take away the large equipment vendors and operator stands, as outlined in yesterday's blog, power systems suppliers dominate. If you need a generator, batteries, solar panels -- you name it -- you can get them here, along with wiring cabinets and server racks.

Perhaps strangely, there is little talk of the telecom scandal that is dominating the front pages of the Indian newspapers. (See India Telecom 2010: In the Shadow of Scandal.}

While it's undoubtedly a big deal, people here seem to think it will be a very long and drawn-out affair and that, for now at least, it's business as usual.

— Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

Vishnu Goel 12/5/2012 | 4:16:06 PM
re: India Telecom 2010: Power to the Broadband

As the multiplicity of technology increases and the CORE /Access fusion happens more and more.the mobile rural broadband becomes more important for data transportation.The network elements will grow at the edges of the network and activity will be in assets monitoring and powering.NMS/OSS and green power vendors will see lot of business growth in India 2011 onwards.Dont write off Fiber elements as yet!Vishnu Goel T&M +919810101238 

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