Harbinger Preps LTE Via Satellite

Another nationwide Long Term Evolution (LTE) network has received a vote of confidence from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) , which approved a move by Harbinger Capital Partners LP to gain control of SkyTerra Communications (Nasdaq: SKYT).

In FCC filings, Harbinger said it plans to build out a combination terrestrial/satellite LTE network that consumers could reach with cellphone-sized handsets for mobile communications.

According to Harbinger's business model, the company plans to launch two next-generation SkyTerra satellites to provide coverage for use with Harbinger's existing terrestrial facilities.

The Harbinger plan calls for the use of 36,000 terrestrial base stations, a terrestrial cell site and backhaul network, and networks of other terrestrial carriers. While other attempts to create satellite/terrestrial networks have called for the use of large brick-sized handsets, the Harbinger proposal plans to have cellphone-sized user handsets and other consumer devices.

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— W. David Gardner, InformationWeek

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