Google Looking for SON Skills

Google appears to be stretching further and further into the world of wireless, as indicated by a recent job posting.

The search giant is now searching for a candidate who has experience with self-optimizing networks (SONs) in particular. The company is searching for a "Wireless Systems Engineer" to create new wireless network technologies within the LTE realm.

The applicant will be expected to "develop novel network management systems, in particular, SON," the ad says.

SONs allow operators to shift radio resources so that they can address issues like more traffic on a particular cell site.

Google is making no secret of its interest in exploring all kinds of technologies outside of its typical search engine and advertising business. The company has just unveiled "Alphabet," an umbrella organization for a plethora of different technology bets that Google is working on. (See Google Sings 'Alphabet' Song.)

Find out more about key developments related to the systems and technologies deployed in data centers on Light Reading's LTE channel

Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) has just started sending out invites for its "Project Fi" wireless service. The company will work as an independent operator running over Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) and T-Mobile US Inc. 's LTE networks as well as WiFi. (See Google's WiFi-First Mobile Service 'Fi' Is Here.)

The Internet giant has also been working on free WiFi, drones and wireless weather balloons. The job posting, however, indicates that Google may be digging deeper into the cellular network side of the equation in the future.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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Rahul_atri 8/12/2015 | 10:37:11 AM
Makes Sense for Google + Fi + Android Interesting :-) Google is pushing WiFi as primary technology with its google Fi project. With SON it may be trying to achieve more smooth and seamless movement b/w WiFi and cellular. I am not sure Google building the SON for networks of to use the SON sense as additional feature in their android. 

But it opens up possibility of another telecom giant with unorthodox solution. Waiting to hear more on this
danielcawrey 8/11/2015 | 11:33:08 AM
Re: SON I would not be surprised if Google was looking at ways to innovate in wireless. The company's Android platform has long been at the behest of wireless networks. 

In broadband, Google has tried to shift the balance of power with its Fiber initiative. I wouldn't be surprised if the company does the same in wireless. 
Ariella 8/11/2015 | 9:49:58 AM
SON Interesting. Certainly, the reason the company officially gives, in part, for the Alphabet approach is too allow more latittude for pursuits beyond its core business. So that would fit.
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