FCC's AWS-3 Auction Tops $14B

The FCC's latest spectrum auction has topped $14 billion in bids, busting through the $10.1 billion reserve price for the auction.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Tuesday that it now has nearly $14.2 billion in bids for Advanced Wireless Service (AWS)-3 licenses. The agency says that bids have been placed for 1,303 of the 1,614 available high-bandwidth licenses and have far exceeded the reserve, or the minimum amount of money that could be paid for the paired spectrum in the AWS-3 spectrum.

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The FCC began the auction on November 13, selling off airwaves that used to be allocated to federal users such as the Department of Homeland Security. It includes 65MHz of 1.7/2.1GHz spectrum and 50MHz for paired channels that are good for 4G LTE service delivery. (See AWS Auction: Could It Bring Dish & T-Mobile Together?)

There are 70 approved bidders in the latest AWS auction, including Bluegrass Cellular , Dish Network LLC (Nasdaq: DISH), T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Wireless .

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 11/19/2014 | 4:14:41 PM
Re: Less pressure Less desirable locations usually, but the auction hasn't finished yet.
kq4ym 11/19/2014 | 2:48:07 PM
Re: Less pressure At a 40% premium over the expected bids, either the government didn't guess right on the value, or the bidders are seeing some real opportunities in the spectrum. But "bids have been placed for 1,303 of the 1,614 available high-bandwidth licenses" leaves my wondering what's wrong with those 311 unbidded licenses? That's about 20% of the available total.
DanJones 11/18/2014 | 6:18:38 PM
Less pressure A succesful AWS auction will probably take some pressure off the FCC over the TV incentive auction in 2016.
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