Ericsson Touts LTE for Korea's Green Economy

Ericsson AB (Nasdaq: ERIC) is looking forward to LTE playing a central role in the Korean government's plans for a greener economy based on communications, Björn Alldén, head of Ericsson Korea tells Light Reading Asia.

"We share the same vision of a green ecosystem, of replacing the transportation economy with a telecoms economy," says Alldén.

He was speaking in the wake of a meeting between Ericsson and South Korea's president, Lee Myung-bak, that produced a cooperation agreement between the two parties. That agreement, as reported earlier, was at first misrepresented by the Korean government. (See Ericsson Cooperates on Green and Ericsson Denies $1.5B Korean Investment.)

At the heart of the cooperation agreement is the belief that LTE's big broadband pipe, combined with the high computing power of mobile devices, can massively reduce the need for transportation.

"LTE opens many more opportunities where we can start to look at things in a different way," he says. Alldén cites examples where LTE-based communications replace physical journeys, such as over-the-air equipment servicing and home monitoring, as just the beginning of changes that will reduce carbon emissions.

Work to realize the communications economy vision will receive a significant amount of government investment, Alldén states. "The government has already got institutes that they are funding... The new government is very much focused on growing this [green] economy," he says.

Alldén admits that this is the starting point for Ericsson and LTE in Korea, but says that there will be more concrete steps in the next six months. He says, "We are working with the operators in Korea and plan to initiate relationships with smaller players too."

Alldén also recognizes that WiBro, Korea's WiMax technology, is part of the country's next-generation market, but points to the common core network as the natural point of convergence. He says, "Through this controlling part of the network, we can create cooperation and coexistence between these technologies." He also reiterated the fact that Ericsson has no intention of building WiBro products.

— Catherine Haslam, Asia Editor, Light Reading

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